Our Story
First registered almost twenty years ago, in early 2000, Gold Avenue was one of the first e-commerce platforms to hit the web. This was a time when Amazon sold books. When Alibaba was an idea that had yet to prove its worth. When Google wasn’t much more than a domestic search engine. When the smartphone market was dominated by the Canadian firm Blackberry, eight years prior to the historical introduction of the iPhone.

Launching an e-commerce platform within the precious metals industry proved to be too precocious at the time. The market hadn’t mature. Consumers were just not ready. After a round of initial results, the Gold Avenue project was hence cast to the sidelines, where it remained for nearly two decades.

Years later, after thoroughly and continuously monitoring the market for years, we decided the time was right to bring Gold Avenue back into the limelight and build upon the project and mission that have stood solid ground since inception. With the precious collaboration of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs and experienced specialists, Gold Avenue is back and ready to disrupt the way people buy, sell and store precious metals moving forward.

About us
Gold Avenue is a Swiss independent company of an industrial and trading services group specialized in all aspects of the precious metals business.

We enable customers to purchase, sell and store gold and other physical precious with ease. Offering competitive prices and free storage to its clients, Gold Avenue aims to democratize and simplify precious metals purchasing habits.

Our company prides itself on its excellence in corporate and social responsibility, its leading role in developing an ethical and transparent value chain and constant innovation in its products and services.

Gold Avenue attaches great importance to being a leading reference in terms of sustainable development and encourages sustainable economic growth, environmentally friendly product sourcing and social equity.

Our stakeholders align with the company’s policies and work in favor of ethical industrial advancement.