Free insured allocated and segregated storage

GOLD AVENUE offers free storage for your precious metals up to 10 kg and provides the most advanced storage solutions on the market. Sell your goods stored with us or request their physical delivery at your fingertips.

Free storage, up to 10 kg

GOLD AVENUE offers free insured allocated and segregated storage, up to 10 kg. This storage solution is offered regardless of the assets’ storage duration with GOLD AVENUE! If you store more than 10 kg, GOLD AVENUE only charges 30 basis points (0.30%) in annual fees based on the total value of your stored products. The value of the metals stored is calculated on a daily basis as published by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Storage in a secure location

GOLD AVENUE stores your precious metals in one of the safest countries in the world. Our vaults are located in Switzerland within PAMP state of the art facility. PAMP is the world most trusted and renowned refinery in the industry. GOLD AVENUE is an independent private company without any government or bank influence, your personal information remains highly protected at all times.

Allocated Precious Metals

Precious metals which are fully purchased and owned by the investor are stored within the vaults of our custodian PAMP. All products are fully allocated which means that the exact product purchased by our clients are 100% physically present at all times in the vaults.

Segregated storage

Precious metals held by PAMP in custody for GOLD AVENUE customers are segregated. Segregated storage implies storing your precious metals in a separate physical location in the vault making sure that the actual quantity you own is physically held. GOLD AVENUE has its own segregated location in the PAMP vault making it even more secured for our customers.


Your Precious Metal is insured under the global MKS PAMP GROUP umbrella policy. All our customers Precious metal held within our vaults are insured and protected against theft, damage, and loss at all times.

Independent audits

The precious metals owned by GOLD AVENUE customers and stored within the vaults of our custodian PAMP are subject to an annual inventory audit by a reputable third-party independent firm.

Management tool

When storing your products with GOLD AVENUE, you will always have the option to take physical delivery of your Precious Metals — at any time. GOLD AVENUE management tools help you always stay in control of your portfolio and gives you access to real-time transaction reporting and up-to-the-minute valuations.

Stored products

All products bought on GOLD AVENUE platform are eligible to be stored in our secure vaults. To ensure the authenticity of all products and to guarantee you the most advanced security system, we don’t accept external products.