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If you are thinking about investing in precious metals - then you are at the perfect place! Gold is the most valuable and popular commodity available on the market. Gold Avenue offers a wide range and beautiful selection of gold coins or ingots/bars investment (VAT free) available online for you to start your precious metal journey. You can choose between the most popular gold coins on the market: like the classic American Eagle coin from the US Mint or the stunning Canadian Maple Leaf from the Canadian Mint. If perhaps coins are your cup of tea, we also have classic and historic bars available like the Lady Fortuna. Gold is a timeless and elegant commodity that every investor wants in their precious metal portfolio.

Buying gold bullion coins

At Gold Avenue, you can find a wide range of Gold bullion coins. There are many mints available worldwide, each with unique individual designs. They also vary in size, weight, valuation, and style. Many Gold bullion coins are also often limited editions or collectibles. This makes each purchase unique, and so your return on investment may exceed the gains earned over time.

Gold coins prices

Gold bullion coins are a very unique investment. They are considered a legal tender, and they are produced by and recognized by the issuing government. The coins are always labeled carefully with the correct year of issue, the gold purity and the weight of the coin. Gold prices fluctuate daily, as it moves separately from the stock market. Gold prices can be affected by several different factors. Factors like shifts within the money market and the stock market, a recession, or the threat of a recession, elections, political movement or geopolitical issues. These are all factors to consider when stepping into the precious metal market.

Gold bar prices

Currently, there are over 30 types of Gold bullion bars circulating the world's precious metal market - meaning there are endless possibilities to pick from. Buying Gold Bullion Bars is the most popular way of investing in the precious metal market. It is considered a great way to diversify your precious metal portfolio. Each Gold bar is stamped with its weight, its gold purity, the issuing year including the serial number as well.

Buying gold bullion bars

Gold bullion bars are considered a unique and one of the best investments on the precious metal market, alongside with Gold bullion coins. Gold bullion bars are generally much larger in size, and heavier in weight than coins. There is not as much variety available with Gold bullion bars either, simply due to their ‘set size’, however, their classic designs are renowned worldwide. Gold bullion bars are considered to carry intrinsic value, as there will always be a market available for Gold items. You can always invest in Gold for your future or gifts to loved ones. Treat Gold as an investment opportunity. 

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