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With free storage up to 10 kg and 0% commission fee on the buyback, GOLD AVENUE is offering the best solution for your physical gold storage.

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Frequently asked questions

Swiss secure vaults out of the banking system
Where are the vaults and can I have access to them?
Our vaults are located in secure locations in Switzerland. For security reasons and to ensure the safety of your precious metals, we do not allow access to our facility.
Fully allocated and segregated storage
How is my gold stored?
All the products of our customers are physically moved in a dedicated and segregated vault. You own 100% of the products you bought and you can redeem them in one-click 24/7. When you request the delivery of your goods, the serial numbers of your ingots are then assigned.
Free storage and insurance fees
Is there any fee at all for the storage?
We offer free storage up to 10 kg and all your products are fully insured for free. If you store more than 10 kg, we then charge a 0.3% annual commission on the value of your portfolio.
Storage certificate
Is there a proof my metal is really there?
At any time, you can easily download a storage certificate that proves the ownership of your stored products. GOLD AVENUE guarantees a daily audit of the vaults. Additionally, we mandate an auditing firm to perform a yearly third-party audit of the inventory of products stored for our clients.
100% insured and guaranteed
What happens if you go out of business or if someone steals my assets?
All of our customers' products are off our balance sheet. You are the one and only owner. If GOLD AVENUE were to cease its business activities, each customer will be contacted personally to organize the delivery of his assets. In addition, your products are insured at all times against theft, damage and loss.
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Your GOLD at your fingertips

Manage and monitor your portfolio at ease 24/7

Frequently asked questions

Redeem your products 24/7
Can I easily redeem my products?
You can redeem your products 24/7 and just pay shipping costs with no extra charge fee. GOLD AVENUE ships in all Europe in 3-8 business days. All parcels are securely wrapped up and insured against theft, damage, and loss.
Sell back in just one-click
Can I sell my products back to GOLD AVENUE?
You can easily sell back your stored products at SPOT price to GOLD AVENUE. We buy them back instantly and apply 0% commission fee. At your request, we then wire the amount to your personal bank account for free.
Track your performance
How can I monitor my portfolio performance?
Your portfolio allows you to easily monitor up-to-the-minute valuation of your precious metals on any electronic device. GOLD AVENUE provides useful information to track the performance of your belongings.
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