1 oncia moneta d'oro puro 999.9 - Maple Leaf Anno Casuale

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This elegant one ounce (oz), or 31.10 grams (g), gold coin is one of the most popular gold coins in the world. The coin represents the iconic Canadian maple leaf - a symbol often used to represent Canada. 

With the American Eagle coin, the Canadian Maple Leaf coin is one of the most appreciated coins in the world. However, they are often less expensive than its American sister, making them much more attractive and creating, at the same time, a bigger market for them. Those with a smaller budget can also decide to invest in this unique coin. Buying gold coins is a good investment in the precious metals industry. Indeed, holding gold is a safe long-term investment because the gold price has always appreciated.

This Canadian Maple Leaf is universally recognized as the symbol of Canada. Queen Elizabeth II is on the back of the coin. On the reverse of the coin, we have the Canadian Maple Leaf, the purity and weight of gold.

Protect your gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin from fingerprints by carefully handling your coin and using cotton gloves. Always keep your coins inside a clear plastic capsule for extra protection! This will elegantly highlight your coin and will also add extra value.

  • ID prodotto: ZAUF000600N
  • Anno: Mixed years
  • Produttore: Royal Canadian Mint
  • Spessore: 2.87
  • Purezza: 0.9999
  • Peso (g): 31.10 g
  • Peso (oz): 1.00000 oz
  • Diametro: 30.00 mm

The Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin was designed in 2003 by Susanne Blunt. Interestingly, she is the first and only coin to date (especially in the Commonwealth) that does not represent Queen Elizabeth II with a crown on her head. This makes it one of the most iconic coins ever produced. This coin also made history, as it was the first coin to be minted at .9999 pure gold. After having undergone several tests, the Gold Maple Leaf coin has additional security features to confirm its authenticity and value.