8x1 grammo multigrammo lingottino d'oro puro 999.9 - PAMP Suisse Lunar Scimmia

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PAMP Suisse is a leading bullion brand, and one of the world’s most trusted and accredited refiners and fabricators of precious metals.

In commemoration of the Chinese New Year, the 2016 edition of PAMP’s popular Lunar Calendar Series celebrates the Year of the Monkey with a stunning ingot design that brilliantly reflects the qualities attributed to the animal throughout Chinese culture.

The beautiful multi-grams, 1 gram Year of the Monkey gold ingot features a striking and innovative design effect that portrays the Monkey  front-to-back – a hallmark of the PAMP Lunar Calendar Series. The obverse of the ingot also shows the Chinese symbol that translates to ‘Monkey ’ in English, while the reverse features its weight, purity and unique serial number.

Gold Avenue recommends wearing protective gloves when handling your PAMP Suisse products in order to protect them against scratches and further damage.

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  • ID prodotto: ZAUFS00505
  • Anno: 2016
  • Produttore: PAMP SUISSE
  • Spessore: 1.1
  • Purezza: 0.9999
  • Peso (g): 8.00 g
  • Peso (oz): 0.25720 oz
  • Lunghezza: 9.50 mm
  • Larghezza: 6.00 mm

Shēngxiāo, better known in English as the Chinese Zodiac, is an ancient scheme that relates each year to an animal and its reputed attributes, according to a 12-year mathematical cycle. Popular not only in China, where the system originated, but also throughout many Asian countries, and around the world, this unique and revered zodiac takes on greater prominence with each Lunar New Year when it is strongly associated with gifts of good fortune in precious metals. PAMP’s highly popular series of Lunar Calendar ingots in fine gold or silver celebrates that tradition with unexpected designs that delight and captivate, front-to-back. Further honoring ancient custom, distinctive CertiPAMP packaging and quality envelope-like sleeves lend each ingot to instantaneous and memorable gift giving.