La Martingale Podcast: 2022, the new gold rush?

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Oct 28, 2021

La Martingale finance podcast hosting GOLD AVENUE CEO Alessandro Soldati

To learn more about how to start your physical gold investment, tune in for the latest episode from La Martingale podcast featuring GOLD AVENUE CEO Alessandro Soldati answering all the questions you might have about investing in gold.

We're excited to announce that last week, GOLD AVENUE CEO, Alessandro Soldati, participated in an inspiring interview with a well-known business and investment podcast, La Martingale, where he shared his thoughts about physical gold investment and what first-time gold and precious metals buyers should know before they start.

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Introducing La Martingale

Hosted by French entrepreneur Matthieu Stefani, La Martingale sits among the leading podcasts in personal finance in France with an audience of over 30,000 listeners, interested in business and investment.

Matthieu Stefani talks with leading financial experts, investors, and entrepreneurs with a wide range of backgrounds, from cryptocurrency and real estate to vine investment and luxury watches. He has already talked with big names in the investment world such as Eric Larchévèque (Ledger), Yoann Lopez (Snowball), Paul Nizam (Christie’s), Alice Léger (Artcurial), and Nicolas de Feraudy (Lendopolis).

What is the episode about?

In an insightful one-on-one 1 hour conversation with La Martingale, Alessandro Soldati gave his answer to the key questions every new and future gold investors usually ask before making their first gold purchase:

Why should you consider buying precious metals?

How do you start buying precious metals?

How can gold act as a safety net for investors looking for reassurance, stability, and a safe haven?

How has the gold market performed over the last 50 years?

How to buy physical gold coins and bars?

🤓 Why physical gold is NOT a boring old-school investment?

SPOILER ALERT: the explanation was so reassuring that it converted Matthieu Stefani from a gold skeptic into a newly-baked precious metals buyer.

We want to thank Mathieu Stefani and La Martingale team for this great opportunity to talk about GOLD AVENUE, and share our thoughts about the workings of the precious metals market, that hopefully will be useful for investors who are just at the beginning of their precious metals journey and are not sure where to start and what gold product to buy.

To give you a better idea of what the discussion was about and to warm up before tuning in, here are some interesting excerpts from the podcast:

  • Investing in precious metals is actually for everyone: do you think buying precious metals is a privilege of the rich, and means getting stuck with a bulky chunk of gold that is hard to carry and even harder to sell? Think twice! In the physical gold market, you can pick between gold coins and bars of various price and size ranges. Most beginner investors tend to start with more approachable products such as 50 g gold bars, 1 oz gold bars, or even 1 g gold bars.
  • Did you know that 50% of all gold we have in the world is used to make jewelry? And that 50% of silver goes for industrial needs? So, contrary to what some might imagine, not all gold goes directly to investment, in fact, most of it will be used for jewelry as well as in various industries. This basically means that constant demand for gold in jewelry and industrial sectors will always be supportive for the gold price.
  • The rapid rise of bitcoin is “no threat” to gold:” even if crypto fans say otherwise and see bitcoin replacing gold as a store of value in the future, cryptocurrencies and gold are fundamentally different, and the most obvious difference is that gold is a tangible asset, while bitcoin is a purely digital one. This basically means that both gold and Bitcoin can benefit an investment portfolio in their own way.

 (😉 Fun fact: you’ll also learn that half of the world's gold is refined in Ticino, the Swiss canton, where Alessandro comes from).

To find out the easiest way to avoid mistakes when buying gold, go listen to the podcast.


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