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Fully allocated, 100% VAT-free, insured, secure, simple, and Swiss.
Get all the advantages of physical precious metals storage, directly online.

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Fully allocated and outside of the banking system

Precious metals bars and coins stored in our vaults are fully insured against theft, loss, and damages.

With your products off our balance sheet and our Swiss AAA secure vaults
outside of the banking system, the durability of your stock is fully covered, whatever happens.

Resell instantly
with 0% commission

Facilitating storage is also facilitating resale. You can conveniently sell your stored products back to us 24/7 and with 0% commission.

In your Wallet, a performance tool monitors the value of your products in real-time to help you in your decision to sell.

Easily redeem your

You can ask for the insured and discreet delivery of your stored products, whenever you want.

We offer delivery throughout the world with Swiss Post, UPS, Helveticor, Brinks, Loomis, and other trusted international shipping companies.

Physical storage at your fingertips

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Buy physical precious metals online

Browse our online shop and add precious metals bars and coins to your cart. We only sell 100% allocated physical precious metals.

Store them in one-click

In your cart, simply choose our insured storage option, place your order, and your products are directly stored in our fully allocated and segregated vaults outside of the banking system.

Manage your physical storage 24/7

Conveniently access your wallet from your phone or computer, follow the performance of your precious metals bars and coins, ask for their delivery, or download your certificate of ownership.

Resell your stored products at any time

Resell your stored products in one-click. We buy them back instantly, at SPOT price, and with 0% commission.

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Why not enjoy
VAT-free products?

All our products are VAT-free. Save the 8.1% Swiss VAT on Silver, Platinum, and Palladium.


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We believe pricing should remain transparent and affordable for everyone.




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GOLD AVENUE is a Swiss-regulated company, part of the MKS PAMP GROUP.

With offices across 12 countries, the MKS PAMP GROUP is the world leader in precious metals and the most accredited group in the industry.
It comprises two leading LBMA precious metals refineries (MKS PAMP & MMTC-PAMP), a trading company (MKS PAMP), a bullion distributor (MTB), and an online precious metals retailer (GOLD AVENUE).

Frequently asked questions

Do you sell mutualized precious metals?

We do not sell mutualized gold, but only fully allocated precious metals. The products you purchase on GOLD AVENUE are 100% yours and are off our balance sheet. Stored products are fully insured and physically stored in our allocated and segregated vaults in Switzerland, outside the banking system. They remain redeemable 24/7, through your online wallet.

How do VAT-FREE products work?

VAT-FREE products are kept in a secure Swiss freeport where the 8.1% Swiss VAT does not apply. To remain VAT-FREE these products are for storage only and are therefore unavailable for delivery. However, just like our other products, you can sell them back to us instantly, 24/7, and with 0% commission.

How can I monitor the value of my stored products?

To help you monitor the value of your stored products, we have created a useful performance tool that displays the value of your precious metals based on the most recent spot price. This allows you to follow any change in value directly from your online personal account. (Computer users only).

How can I redeem my stored products?

You can ask for your stored products to be delivered to you at any time. On your personal account, simply choose the delivery option for the products you wish to redeem, settle the shipping fees and receive your products within 4 to 10 business days. Please note that once they have been delivered, your products can no longer be bought back by GOLD AVENUE.

Can I pick up my products in person?

We do not store any products in our Geneva offices, and for security reasons, physical access to our vaults in Switzerland is not authorized. If you wish to consult, sell, or redeem your stored products, you can do so at any time from your online personal account.

Are there hidden fees or commissions when I want to sell my stored products?

We offer instant buyback, at spot price, and without fees or commission (0%), for the products you store with us. The sale will immediately be credited to your GOLD AVENUE Pay account. At your request, we can then transfer this balance to your bank account, free of charge.

More answers here:Frequently Asked Questions