Silver Britannia Coins

Silver Britannia Coins

Looking to buy silver coins? Britannia silver coins have fascinated investors and collectors for centuries. They are unique and make for a good investment due to their interesting history, beautiful design, and purity.









Why Should You Invest in Britannia Silver Coins?

When it comes to investing in silver, silver coins offer a compelling investment opportunity. These coins, first issued by The Royal Mint in 1997, have quickly become a top choice for silver investment. With a purity of 999 fine silver, the Britannia silver coins are highly sought after by investors and collectors alike.

The coins are also exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) as a UK legal tender, making them an attractive and tax-efficient investment option. Moreover, Britannia silver coins are supported by The Royal Mint, an esteemed institution with a history of over a thousand years. This worldwide reputation enhances the trust and appeal of these coins, making them a valuable choice for any investment portfolio.

The 1oz Silver Britannia is a popular choice for investors looking to spread their investment in smaller units. This coin from our silver collection gives you more flexibility when selling, making it easier to manage your investments. 

How to Recognize Britannia Silver Coins?

Recognizing Britannia silver coins is essential for both investors and collectors. These coins feature a classic standing Britannia design by Philip Nathan, a renowned sculptor and designer. The reverse of the coin depicts Britannia, a female figure wearing a helmet and flowing robes, holding a trident, shield, and olive branch.

On the obverse is usually depicted an effigy of the reigning British sovereign. Before 2023, Britannia coins therefore depicted Queen Elizabeth II, an effigy which has now been updated with King Charles III.

The detailed design features a textured background, small text, and fine lines on Britannia’s Union flag shield. These security elements not only make the coins look good but also protect them from being copied.

What is the Value of Britannia Silver Coins?

The Royal Mint guarantees a face value on its silver Britannia coins. This generally depends on the weight of the coin. For example, the one-ounce silver coin has a guaranteed face value of 2 pounds.

But what makes a Britannia silver coin valuable is, of course, the silver it contains. This is known as its intrinsic value. To assess its intrinsic value, you need to look at the silver price, which gives the price at which the metal is traded, in ounces or grams.

It should be noted that the silver price changes daily, depending on market movements. When demand for silver rises, so does the value of your Britannia silver coin. Conversely, when demand falls, so does its value.

Moreover, Britannia silver coins come with tax advantages, like being exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) (check if applicable in your country) and having no VAT. These benefits add to their overall value as an investment. On our website you can buy VAT-free silver coins if you choose to store them in our secure vaults. You can get them delivered at any time or sell them back to us commission-free.

The value of Britannia silver coins extends beyond their intrinsic precious metal content. These coins embody the rich heritage and tradition of Great Britain, making them a symbol of national pride and identity. The historical significance of Britannia, dating back to Roman times, adds to the cultural and numismatic value of these coins.

How to Store and Preserve the Value of your Britannia Silver Coins?

Keep your Britannia silver coins safe and in good condition to maintain their value and investment potential. Store them properly in a secure place like a vault or depository to shield them from environmental factors that could harm their condition. It is advisable to store the coins in protective packaging to prevent scratches, tarnishing, and other forms of damage.  

Moreover, we at GOLD AVENUE offer free storage for silver coins in secure Swiss vaults that are independent of the banking system. This free storage option provides a controlled environment to protect your coins from environmental factors, ensuring their long-term preservation and value.

Britannia silver Coin vs. Other silver Coins

Iconic Design

Britannia silver coins: feature the iconic figure of Britannia, symbolizing British strength and tradition.

Other silver coins: Designs vary widely, representing the cultural or historical motifs of the issuing country.

Legal Tender Status

Britannia silver coins: recognized as legal tender in the United Kingdom, denominated in British pounds.

Other silver coins: legal tender status varies; some may have face values in the currency of their issuing country.

Global Recognition

Britannia silver coins: Enjoy global recognition beyond British borders, making them versatile for international investors.

Other silver coins: Recognition varies, with some coins having a more localized appeal.

Storage or Delivery? What you need to know

When it comes to Britannia silver coins, the choice between storage and delivery is a crucial consideration for investors. Opting for secure storage in a reputable secure vault or depository provides protection and peace of mind, ensuring the safety and preservation of the coins’ value.

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