Swiss Mint Gold Coins

Swiss Mint Gold Coins

The main focus of the Swiss Mint is to provide Switzerland with coins used for everyday transactions, but they also produce coins for collection and investment purposes.

At GOLD AVENUE, we sell Swiss Mint coins, known for their high quality and beautiful artistry. We are part of the MKS PAMP GROUP, who are a leading precious metals company. Its bars produced by the MKS PAMP refinery are LBMA-accredited. With GOLD AVENUE, you can buy gold, enjoy free insured storage, instant commission-free resale, and insured delivery to your home.

What are Swiss Mint Gold Coins?

Switzerland’s official gold coin is the Vreneli, also referred to as Helvetia. This highly popular coin was produced from 1897 to 1949. In fact, over 58 million coins were minted during that time.

But the coin was taken out of circulation in 1949 due to inflation. While each coin was originally worth 20 Francs, the value of the gold in each coin had increased to 28 Francs by the time it was withdrawn.

The History of Swiss Mint Gold

Established in 1906, the Swiss Mint has produced Swiss franc coins ever since.

For over 85 years, it has issued special coins to commemorate significant historical and cultural events and to pay tribute to notable figures. Such coins include the 50 Francs Heidi-themed gold coin and the 50 Francs Alpine World Ski Championships coin. Through this, they've created a great reputation among collectors globally.

What are the different designs of Swiss Mint Gold Coins?

The highly popular Swiss Mint Gold coin is the Vreneli. The coin represents the independence and sovereignty of Switzerland.

Since Helvetia is beautifully represented on the coin, it’s also known as the “Helvetia” coin, the Swiss equivalent of America’s Lady Liberty.

The coin is made out of pure gold featuring the head and shoulders of Helvetia. She has a beautiful string of braided hair with a delicate garland of flowers on her shoulders.

The Benefits of Investing in Swiss Mint Gold Coins

The Vreneli gold coin, minted between 1897 and 1949, is considered highly collectible and can be a great investment.

The coin is very popular worldwide and would be a valuable addition to any collection with its historical significance. Over the past centuries, the value of gold has risen consistently, which could make the Swiss Mint gold coin an excellent safe haven investment.

Authenticating Swiss Mint Gold Coins

If you’re ready to buy Swiss Mint Gold coins but worried about how to authenticate gold coins, follow some simple rules.

It’s always better to buy gold and silver coins from a trustworthy dealer, like GOLD AVENUE, to avoid spending money on fake products.

We're part of the MKS PAMP GROUP, a leading precious metals company. Its bars, produced by the MKS PAMP refinery, are LBMA-accredited. LBMA is an international trade association setting standards on how precious metals are refined. So buying from us will give you peace of mind that your coins are genuine.

You can also do a few basic tests to ensure your coins are real, including:

  • Checking the size and weight - coins have specific dimensions and weight, so they can be used as a reference point
  • Magnet test - gold is not magnetic, and real gold coins should not stick to a magnet
  • Check the coin’s color - ensure the color matches the metal composition of a real coin

Differences between Swiss Mint Gold Coins and other gold coins

Swiss Mint Gold Coins have unique qualities, just like those from the Royal Canadian Mint, the Royal Mint, or the Austrian Mint.

Swiss Mint Gold coins, like the iconic 20 Swiss Franc or Vreneli, are made up of fine gold. These coins are known for their precision, quality, and attention to detail, reflecting the renowned Swiss standards of excellence.

On the other hand, the Royal Canadian Mint coins are known for their beautiful designs featuring Canadian symbols like the maple leaf. In contrast, the Royal Mint coins represent the classic British culture and tradition. The Austrian Mint gold coins, like the Philharmonic, have musical themes and a touch of elegance.

Each mint brings its own style and cultural influence to its gold coins, making them unique and loved by collectors and investors worldwide.

Best Practices for Storing and Protecting Your Investment

GOLD AVENUE offers free storage of your purchased gold products. Your gold products will be insured in our vaults, independent of the banking system. Our safes are protected against theft, damage, and loss.

Alternatively, we can deliver your products to your home. All orders are discretely packaged and insured. Each package will have a tracking number to follow your order online.

Handle your precious metals with care using protective gear like cotton gloves. Place your metals in a clear plastic capsule in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and other head sources.

Before you buy Swiss mint gold coins, check the gold price and the latest news to make an informed decision.

Tax Implications of Investing in Swiss Mint Gold Coins

Depending on your location and individual circumstance, the tax implications of buying and selling the Swiss Mint gold coins vary. It’s important to check the specific regulation around Capital Gains Tax, VAT, and any exemptions and allowances of your country of residency.

You can also explore a variety of coins from well-known mints worldwide, including the US Mint, Royal Mint, and South African Mint.


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