United States Mint Gold Coins

United States Mint Gold Coins

The United States Mint, established in 1792, is responsible for producing gold coins, commemorative coins, and other precious metal bullion coins. It operates minting facilities nationwide and is known for iconic coins like the American Gold Eagle and the American Buffalo gold coins.

Those two emblematic collections of the United States Mint are available on GOLD AVENUE. As part of the MKS PAMP GROUP, the gloabl leader in precious metals, GOLD AVENUE offers:

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Unique features of United States Mint gold coins

One key feature setting the United States Mint gold coins apart is their iconic designs, often depicting famous American symbols like Lady Liberty or the American bald eagle.

The U.S. Mint gold coins come in various denominations, making them flexible for different budgets and preferences. In the case of American Gold Eagles, these coins are typically minted with high purity (91.67% gold). They also have a rich history and are backed by the U.S. government, adding to their credibility.

Why invest in United States Mint gold coins?

You might choose to invest in United States Mint gold coins for several reasons.

  • The coins are widely recognized and highly liquid, meaning you can buy and sell them easily.
  • Their high purity, often 91.67% gold, ensures the intrinsic value of the coin.
  • United States Mint gold coins are backed by the U.S. government, adding to their credibility and quality.
  • Their historical significance, long-standing reputation, and potential for increasing value make the U.S. Mint coins popular. 

Types of United States Mint Gold coins

The most famous United States Mint coins include the American Buffalo gold coins and American Eagle gold coins, let’s see them in more details below!

American Buffalo Gold coins

With a fineness of 99.99%, the American Buffalo gold coins are the purest gold coins ever minted by the U.S. Mint. These coins were introduced in 2006 and are highly regarded by collectors and investors.

The obverse showcases a portrait of a Native American head, with the reverse portraying the majestic American bison.

American Buffalo Gold coins combine historical significance and exceptional purity with beautiful design making them highly popular among investors and collectors. 

American Eagle Gold coins

The American Eagle gold coin collection was introduced in 1986 and quickly became a favorite among gold investors. They’re highly recognized and cherished for their beauty and investment value.

These coins feature iconic designs on the obverse, depicting Lady Liberty and showcasing a family of eagles on the reverse.

American Eagle Gold coins come in various denominations, from 1/10 oz to 1 oz, offering flexibility for different budgets.

Backed by the U.S. government, these coins are trusted for their quality, purity, and gold content, making them popular among collectors and investors worldwide.

What is the value of United States Mint Gold coins?

Several factors influence the value of United States Mint gold coins.

  • The value of the coins is linked to the gold content, which fluctuates with the market price of gold
  • The higher the gold purity and weight, the greater the intrinsic value
  • Factors like the coin's rarity, condition, historical significance, and demand also play a role
  • The overall demand for gold and economic climate can impact the value of U.S. Mint gold coins, so you should check the current gold price before buying gold

You can also see the current value of each coin directly on its product page, by clicking on the price. The part of the price names “metal value” will also be the current resale value of each coin stored and sold back to GOLD AVENUE.

Tips to buy United States Mint Gold coins

If you’re new to buying United States Ming gold coins or precious metals in general, here are some factors to keep in mind.

Always ensure you buy from reputable sources, such as GOLD AVENUE, to ensure your products' authenticity and quality. We're part of the MKS PAMP GROUP, the global leader in the precious metals sector and a Swiss family-owned company with over 60 years of expertise. Our products go through vigorous quality checks to ensure their authenticity and quality.

When buying United States Mind gold coins it is important to first think of a safe place to store them. You can choose to have them delivered to your house, in which case it is recommended you invest in a secure personal vault and contact your insurance to make sure you are able to insure your gold coins. Some banks also offer secure storage in some of their locations, contact your local bank to see if they do and inquire about the associated insurance costs before deciding on the best solution for you.

Our recommended storage solution is to use GOLD AVENUE’s free and insured storage. Available in one click during your purchase, you can store up to £10,000 in precious metals for free, and resell them whenever you want, without any commission at their current metal price.

Remember that while durable, gold is a very malleable metal! So if you choose home storage, make sure to manipulate your coins with care. Wear protective gloves, avoid removing the coins from their packaging, and store them in a safe and dry place to avoid any potential damages or wear.

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