Napoleon Gold Coin

Napoleon Gold Coin

If you're looking to buy gold, you can buy gold bars but also the 20 Franc French Gold coins. These coins are one of the most elegant and beautiful coin available on the market. 

This coin has seen an increase in demand year after year. It was produced to demonstrate the greatness and richness of French history and culture. It symbolizes the gold industry for which France is widely known all over the world.









What are Napoleon Gold Coins?

Napoleon Gold Coins are French coins that were minted during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte. Made from gold between 1804 to 1814, the sovereign coins bear the French Emperor’s laureate bust and are highly sought-after by collectors and investors alike. Their value today can be dictated by their age, condition, gold content, and rarity, as well as their original face value.

Different Napoleon coins were minted, among them, you can find these one on our website: 

Design and Features of Napoleon Gold Coins

Produced by the Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) in 1804, Napoleon Gold coins were produced in France in various denominations and feature exquisite designs that reflect the grandeur and influence of the Napoleonic era.

The obverse (side of a coin bearing the head) typically features a portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte. The reverse (the tails or back side of the coin) of these coins offers different symbols of French culture, such as the Gallic Rooster, heraldic emblems, or laurel wreaths, all of which signify victory and honour.

What are the Different Designs of Napoleon Gold Coins?

There are different designs that appear on Napoleon 20 Franc Gold Coins. Each design corresponds to specific years of mintage. For example:

  • Early Napoleon gold coins feature a bust with a bare head and either a revolutionary or Gregorian calendar
  • Late Napoleon gold coins feature a bust with laurel crowned head and the République Française symbol

A Brief History of Napoleon Gold Coins

Napoleon Gold Coins were circulated within the French Empire and used for both domestic and international trade until shortly after his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. This marked the end of the issuance of Napoleon Gold Coins, making them a valuable and limited historical artefact.

Today, these coins are no longer worth their original monetary value but are instead a highly prized link to the reign of Napoleon.

Why Invest in Napoleon Gold Coins?

Collectors and investors have been buying gold and gold coins for a long time. And, while gold on its own has always been considered a safe-haven asset, combining gold's intrinsic value with the rarity of Napoleon Gold Coins can make them a great financial investment. These coins are increasing in value due to their rarity, age, and historical significance. As a result, their value is more than their gold content alone.

The value of the coins themselves can be worth upwards of £300 per coin. However, their value is affected by different factors like age and condition. For example, certain regions and periods coins were minted in, which can be identified by their mint marks, add to their collectability. The more collectable a coin is, the higher its value.

Tips for Identifying Authentic Napoleon Gold Coins

For a Napoleon Gold coin to hold its value, it needs to be authentic. So verifying its authenticity is crucial for collectors and investors. This can include:

  • Consulting reputable numismatic experts or dealers.
  • Verifying the coin's specifications, weight, and dimensions against established references.
  • Checking for signs of wear or damage that could indicate the coin's history.

Best Practices for Storing and Protecting Your Napoleon Gold Coins Investment

To preserve the value of Napoleon Gold Coins, they should be handled and stored properly. This includes protecting the coin from damage and corrosion, which can be done by:

  • Using protective coin holders or capsules to prevent physical damage. We recommend PVC-free materials for coin holders to safeguard against potential chemical harm. Certain PVC components have been known to lead to discolouration and inflict damage upon the coins as time goes on.
  • Keeping coins in a cool, dry, and secure environment to avoid tarnishing or corrosion
  • Handling coins with care and avoiding direct contact with fingers to prevent oils from affecting their surfaces

Tax Implications of Investing in Napoleon Gold Coins

In the UK, up to £5,000 of investment into gold is not taxable as it is part of your CGT allowance (capital gains tax). So if you buy gold coins and sell them for more than £5,000 profit you will need to pay CGT. However, since Napoleon Gold Coins can cost around £300 per coin, you would need to sell a significant amount to make £5000 profit.

If you are a collector of coins and are not selling the Napoleon Gold Coins you buy, you do not need to be concerned about CGT. You may, however, wish to speak to an advisor about any inheritance tax implications of your collection. It is also important to be aware that UK tax laws and regulations do change over time and so we recommend that you seek advice from a financial advisor or tax professional for up-to-date and accurate information.

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