Invest in 20 French Francs Napoléon - French Mint - Front
Invest in 20 French Francs Napoléon - French Mint - Front
Invest in 20 French Francs Napoléon - French Mint - Back

20 French Francs Gold Coin - Napoléon (Coq de Chaplain)


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The French Mint presents this 0.1867 ounce (oz) gold coin, or 5.81 grams (g). The design, illustrating the beautiful and famous French rooster of 20 francs, makes it a very elegant and popular investment room. It is part of the collection of French Napoleon gold coins. This coin has seen an increase in its demand year by year. This coin is a valuable asset for any investor.

The coin is made with generous amounts of precious metals. It demonstrates the grandeur and richness of French history and culture. Especially symbolizing their gold industry. This coin is perfect for anyone who wants to invest in a precious metal, or perhaps keep the coin as a collector's item. Gold prices have historically demonstrated its ability to counter inflation, making this precious metal a safe haven.

The coin is beautifully designed. The back of the coin depicts Marianne, as conceived by J.C. Chaplain. Marianne, who is considered the symbol of the French Republic. It represents freedom and reason, just like Lady Liberty of the "US Mint", or like Britannia, of the "Royal Mint". On the reverse, we see a golden rooster, which embodies the rich culture and history of France. The Rooster in gold, or the "Rooster Gaulois" is considered the unofficial symbol of France.

Protect your French 20 Francs Rooster coin from fingerprints by using cotton gloves and carefully manipulating your gold coin. You can also protect your precious metal coin by keeping it inside a clear plastic capsule. This will show the room in a very elegant way, and will also increase the value of your coin collection.

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