Lady Fortuna gold bars

Lady Fortuna gold bars

If you’re considering buying gold bars, then the iconic Lady Fortuna minted bars may be a great option. They’re produced by PAMP Suisse, the world’s leading precious metals refinery based in Switzerland.

All printed bars are brand new and contain 99.99% pure gold (24 carats). MKS PAMP is responsible for both the supply of gold and its refining. Mastering the entire production process, PAMP products are the most prestigious on the market and are LBMA certified.

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Metal Bid Ask Change
Gold $2,044.86 $2,048.10 $5.76

What is a Lady Fortuna gold bullion?

Lady Fortuna is a minted gold bar with intricately designed features of the Roman goddess Fortuna. The goddess of chance and a sign of prosperity is presented in all her mythical attributes, including:

  • Sheaves of wheat
  • Poppies
  • The Horn of Plenty
  • Precious coins
  • The Wheel of Fortune

On its reverse side, you’ll see important information, including the weight, purity level, and serial number. 

Investors love the Lady Fortuna gold bar for its exceptional quality, timeless design, and assured purity. It’s a prime example of the superior Swiss bullion standards.

Investing in PAMP Lady Fortuna gold bars

Investors choose to buy PAMP gold bars for several reasons.

PAMP is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and world-class reputation, ensuring that each gold bar is of the highest quality and purity. The Lady Fortuna design, featuring the Roman goddess of luck and fortune, adds an artistic and elegant touch, making these bars valuable investments and cherished collectibles.

When you buy the Lady Fortuna gold bars, you get a certificate that shows the gold is real and pure. This is important so you can be sure your products are genuine. The packaging also keeps the bars safe and secure.

Overall, PAMP Lady Fortuna gold bars are a great investment for beginners and seasoned investors because they're beautiful, trustworthy, and come with proof of their value.

What is the current value of a Lady Fortuna gold bar?

The gold price depends on various economic, political, and geopolitical factors. So, it's important to keep updated with the latest gold price and the news to understand the current value of a Lady Fortuna gold bar.

Alternatively, you can view the current value of each bar directly on the product page. Click on the bar’s price, and you’ll see a breakdown of the following:

  • The total price
  • The metal value (which is also helpful when you want to resell your bar)
  • The fees
  • The VAT (dependent on your location)

How can I store my Lady Fortuna gold bars safely?

When you buy Lady Fortuna gold bars from us, you can take advantage of our free and secure storage facilities in Switzerland. Our vaults are independent of the banking system and are insured against loss, theft, and damage, providing you with the assurance that your investments are well-protected and secure.

Alternatively, you can have your products delivered straight to your doorstep. Simply select this option during checkout. We deliver to many countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Each delivery is carefully and discreetly packed, and you will receive a tracking number that allows you to monitor your order online until it’s safely delivered to you.

To ensure that your gold remains safe and protected, having a secure storage location and speaking with your insurance provider is essential. Additionally, it's recommended that you handle your gold with care and use protective gloves. Although gold is a sturdy metal, it's also very malleable. As a result, it's best to store it in a dry, secure location to prevent any potential damage or wear.

How do I resell my Lady Fortuna gold bars?

For your convenience and security, we offer a hassle-free way to resell your products. Our secure platform allows you to sell your stored metals to us at any time without any commission fee. You can resell your gold bars at the market price without minimum or maximum amount restrictions.

But, before selling your gold bars, it’s a good idea to stay updated on the latest economic and financial news and check the current gold price.

What are the different types of Lady Fortuna gold bars?

GOLD AVENUE offers a wide range of Lady Fortuna gold bars in different sizes for varied budgets. PAMP Suisse has also created Carbon Neutral and Carbon measured bars to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet the consumer's changing needs. We're proud to offer the Lady Fortuna carbon-neutral bar, as well as others:

If you want to view a different type of minted bar, you can check out our PAMP Lunar gold bars, intricately designed with Chinese zodiac symbols.