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Performance of the price of silver in the past 24h in USD

Last update: Jul 18, 2024, 4:34 PM

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Silver best sellers

Silver price today by weight and carats per gram in USD

Silver price is subject to change due to a variety of economic factors and is commonly quoted in various weights and carats.

Last update: Jul 18, 2024, 4:34 PM

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The historical performance of the silver price in USD

Our comprehensive silver price chart details the history of silver prices in USD. You'll observe significant fluctuations over time, though the general historic trend has seen silver increasing in value.

Last update: Jul 18, 2024, 4:34 PM

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Silver price today per gram by currency

The price of silver varies depending on whether you're looking at it in US dollar, euro, British pound, or Swiss franc. This table allows you to track the gold prices in each of these currencies and more, as well as their daily performance.

Last update: Jul 18, 2024, 4:34 PM

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Why buy silver?

Silver is one of the most popular precious metals among investors today. It’s widely used in many different industries and has risen in value significantly over the last few decades. Silver is also more affordable than gold, which makes it more accessible to a wider pool of investors, including beginner investors with smaller budgets.

The impact of the dollar on the silver market

Because silver is mainly denominated in USD, this currency has an significant impact on the price of silver in other currencies too. This can increase or reduce the global demand for silver. For example, if USD strengthens, silver becomes less affordable for investors around the world. However, if USD weakens, the demand for silver can increase as it becomes more affordable outside the U.S. This increase in global demand can boost the silver price in dollars once again.

The evolution of the silver price in USD

The price of silver in USD has risen from little more than $1 per oz in the 1960s to over $35 per oz by the late 1970s. Since then, it has been subject to more big price movements, falling quite significantly from its record high in 2011. However, the demand for silver remains strong, and if there are further supply constraints, this could push up the price of this precious metal.

Did you know what happened to the silver price in USD from 1979 to 1980?

Silver enthusiasts may be familiar with an event known as Silver Thursday in 1980, in which the silver price crashed after the three Hunt Brothers attempted to corner (take control of) the silver market. The silver price in dollars had already rocketed from $6.08 per troy ounce at the start of 1979 to $49.45 per troy ounce little over a year later on January 18th, 1980, as the Hunt brothers accumulated vast amounts of silver. In fact according to the LBMA (the London Bullion Market Association), they held a third of the world supply of silver at one point!

  • When silver price in USD fell and they were unable to meet their margin call*, their scheme unravelled and the financial markets panicked, causing the silver price in dollars to plummet.
  • Fortunately, a US banking consortium provided a bailout to stabilise the financial system and prevent its collapse.
  • In the late 1980s, the Peruvian silver industry successfully sued the brothers, winning $134 million in damages.

*When your investment has lost value and doesn’t meet its minimum required balance, your broker will ask you to deposit more money (or securities) into your account to meet this minimum threshold. This is known as a margin call.

Could the silver price in USD be impacted by another event like Silver Thursday?

The financial system today is much more sophisticated and highly regulated than it was in 1979. Therefore, the odds of another event like Silver Thursday are probably quite low, although not impossible!

Where does silver come from and what is it used for?

About half of the world’s industrial silver is mined from Mexico, China, and Peru. Other important producers include Chile, Bolivia, Australia, Poland, the United States and Russia.

The metal is used in a wide array of sectors, including, but not limited to:

  • Solar panels
  • Antibacterial products
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Semiconductors
  • Photography
  • And much more

An important difference between the gold and silver price in USD is that silver’s value is dictated by industrial demand more than gold’s, which is more influenced by its longstanding investment appeal and status as a safe haven.

The importance of economic indicators in dictating the silver price in dollars

Silver prices are strongly impacted by macroeconomic events around the world, including inflation, currency fluctuations, and geopolitical events. When there is a spike in inflation or a recession looming, many investors may be tempted to move some of their wealth to precious metals like silver, which can raise the silver price in USD.

  • Events in other countries can influence the silver price in USD.
  • For example, a sudden fall in GDP growth in the Eurozone and the UK economy, or a fall in industrial demand in China, could have implications for silver trading and other precious metals, as well as the forex (foreign exchange) rate of various currencies.

Can you use silver to diversify your portfolio?

Yes, incorporating silver into your investment portfolio can be an effective way to hedge against market volatility. This is assuming your investment portfolio already includes different asset classes (i.e, cash, stocks and bonds) spread across different sectors and regions.

Silver’s value is derived from its important industrial applications and investment appeal, both of which play a big role in the silver price in USD and other currencies.

How to invest in silver

At GOLD AVENUE, we offer an extensive selection of silver coins and bars for different tastes and budgets. You can have them delivered to your home address or securely stored in our Swiss facility - whatever suits you.

  • All of these bars and coins are investment grade fine silver for your assurance
  • All of our silver products are eligible for VAT exemptions if you store them in our Swiss facility
  • Our website always includes the latest silver price in USD

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Frequently asked questions

Read the most frequently asked questions from savers and investors on GOLD AVENUE and on how to buy gold, silver, and precious metals.

How much is 1 gram of silver worth?

Internationally, the silver price issued by the LBMA London (London Bullion Market Association ) determines the value of fine silver. The price of silver is determined in an auction every day at 12:00 noon. It is important to know that the price of silver is set in US dollars per troy ounce. To calculate the USD silver price for 1 gram, you have to convert the weight accordingly. At GOLD AVENUE we do this conversion automatically.

How do you calculate the value of 1 gram of silver?

Internationally, the metal value of silver is given in US dollars and troy ounces, so the different weight units must be taken into account when converting. An example: The current price of silver is $23.74 per troy ounce (as of March 5, 2024). 1 gram of silver is equal to 0.0321507 troy ounces. Therefore, the metal value of 1 gram of silver is approximately 0.76 US dollars (23.74 x 0.0321507).

Does the price of silver change?

In fact, the price of silver is subject to regular changes and is determined daily in an independent auction by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). Therefore, investors should always follow the news and keep an eye on the current silver price.

What affects the value of silver?

The value of silver is influenced by numerous factors, such as market supply and demand, interest rates, geopolitical uncertainties, inflation expectations and the strength of the US dollar. Due to possible interactions between these factors, it is advisable for investors to follow the latest news closely.

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