100 oz silver bars

100 oz silver bars

These 100 ounce pure silver bars can be a great choice for investors looking to buy silver to expand and diversify their precious metals portfolio.









The advantages of buying silver bars

One of the biggest advantages of buying silver bars is that, like gold, they are a tangible asset that has intrinsic value. Silver is universally recognized around the world as a physical commodity and is more affordable than gold, which broadens its appeal to a wider pool of investors.

Silver, like gold, often increases in value during times of market volatility, making it a strategic choice for diversifying investment portfolios and mitigating risks associated with economic downturns. Beyond its value as a hedge, silver's industrial demand across sectors like electronics and renewable energy underpins its long-term value.

What is the value of 100 oz silver bars?

The value of your 100 oz silver bars will vary depending on the spot price of silver. While you're reading this article now, the price of silver could be different to what it was when we wrote it. That’s why you should always check the latest silver price before you buy.

Our website always displays the latest price, which will include the total price, the value of the metal and any other fees that might be applicable.

How to store 100 oz silver bars?

You can store your 100 oz silver bars in our secure vaults in Switzerland, which are insured against theft, loss and damage, and are inaccessible to the public. Alternatively, you can keep your silver at home or in a safety deposit box at a bank.

Reselling your 100 oz silver bars

If you’re looking to take advantage of favourable silver price movements, GOLD AVENUE makes this easy. You can resell your stored silver products at any time (24/7) with 0% commission.

What are VAT-FREE silver products?

With our VAT-free silver products, you have no VAT (Value Added Tax) to pay when you purchase these 100 oz silver bars and keep them stored in our VAT-free freeport. VAT ranges from 8.1% in Switzerland to 20% in the UK and 22% in Italy. However, if you want your silver to be delivered to your home, you will need to pay the releant VAT.

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