Gold American Eagle Coins

Gold American Eagle Coins

The gold coins of the U.S. Mint "American Eagle", are among the most famous investment coins in the world because they are guaranteed by the U.S. government. This gold coin, available on our website in both the size of 1 ounce of gold (31.10 grams) and a 1/10 ounce of gold (3.11 grams), is made of 91.67% pure gold (or 22 carats). The net weight of the coin is slightly more than one ounce (33.93 grams) because it contains one ounce of fine gold (33.93 x 0.9167 = 31.10 grams).

The front of the coin shows the date of printing and "Lady Liberty" with a torch on the right side and an olive branch on the left side. On the back are visible the American eagle bearing the branches to the nest, the face value (USD 50 or USD 5), the weight of the fine gold, and the inscription 'United States of America', 'e pluribus unum', 'in god we trust'. This is the right product for anyone who wants to buy gold investment coins.

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Metal Bid Ask Change
Gold $1,916.51 $1,919.56 ($35.85)

These Gold Eagle coins are a perfect addition to any investor or collector alike. Their unique amber yellow color is easily distinguishable from other precious metals. Gold also keeps its value over time, which makes it one of the easier precious metals or buy, sell, trade or invest in.

The obverse side depicts Lady Liberty - the symbol that originally appeared on the first coin in 1907. This adaptation from Augustus Saint-Gaundens’ famous Gold Double Eagle is considered to be one of the most beautiful designs in the history of the American mint. The reverse of the coin depicts the male bald eagle, a bold national symbol of The United States of America. The eagle is shown carrying an olive branch, and protecting its nest with a female eagle and her hatchlings. You can find these beautiful coins at Gold Avenue. These coins would make a great addition to any precious metals portfolio.