50 g gold bar

50 g gold bar

The 50 g gold bar is a popular option among investors who want something bigger than the standard troy-ounce-sized bars while still having a good level of flexibility for selling in the future.

Investors and collectors also buy gold bullion bars, like the 50 g gold bar, to hedge against inflation and economic uncertainties or simply to diversify their investment portfolio.

What are the characteristics of a 50 g gold bar?

When you buy gold bars with GOLD AVENUE, you can expect to get beautifully designed and crafted precious metals produced by MKS PAMP. Each 50 g PAMP gold bar is stamped with the weight and purity level and is made up of 99.99% fine gold.

Here are some of the characteristics of a 50-gram cast gold bar:

  • Each 50 g cast bar is decorated with the famous PAMP seal, which is made up of 4 circles, each with a letter forming the word PAMP.
  • Below the seal, the word “Suisse” is stamped, showing that this bar was produced in Switzerland.
  • You’ll also find other important information, such as its exact weight, purity level, and serial number.

The characteristics of a 50-gram minted gold bar include:

  • On its front side, you’ll find the PAMP’s distinctive, world-famous Lady Fortuna design.
  • The Roman goddess of prosperity is depicted showcasing all her mythical attributes, such as sheaves of wheat, poppies, the Horn of Plenty, precious coins, and the Wheel of Fortune.
  • On its reverse side, you’ll find important information like the weight, purity level, and serial number.

What is the value of a 50 g gold bar?

You can calculate the value of a 50 g gold bar by multiplying its gold content by the current gold spot price and then adding the fees (also called "premium").

Keep in mind that the gold price fluctuates daily, so it’s important to check today’s gold price to understand the current value of a 50 g gold bar, which can help you in your buying decision.

You can also see the current value of each bar directly on the product page. If you click on the price, you’ll find a breakdown that includes:

  • The total price
  • The metal value (which is also helpful when you want to resell your bar)
  • The fees
  • The VAT (dependent on your location)

What criteria should be considered when buying a gold bar?

Before you buy gold, consider checking the current price of gold. The price can be affected by many factors, such as shifts within the markets, as well as political or geopolitical issues. So it’s useful to keep an eye on current affairs to decide whether it’s a good time to buy gold or sell some of your holdings.

It’s also important to consider the tax implications. They can vary based on your location and personal circumstances. So it’s a good idea to research the specific regulations of where you reside regarding capital gains tax, VAT, and any other potential exemptions or allowances.

Once you're prepared to buy one or several 50 g gold bars, it's also important to think about the storage options for your products. We'll delve into this topic more extensively in the upcoming section.

How to store a 50 g gold bar?

If you buy your 50 g gold bar with GOLD AVENUE, you can store it in our secure vaults in Switzerland. Our storage solution is free (up to £8,500), making it an affordable option for different types of investors. The secure vaults are also insured against theft, damage and loss, giving you peace of mind knowing that your products are highly protected and safe.

Alternatively, you can also have them delivered to your home. You can easily choose this option at the checkout with just a few clicks. We deliver to multiple countries globally, including Australia, Canada, the U.S., and the U.K.

Each delivery is discreetly packed, and you can track your orders online with a tracking number until they reach your hands. Before you have your product shipped to you, ensure you have a secure place to store your gold and consider taking out an insurance policy that protects your precious metals from any unforeseen circumstances.

Remember that while durable, gold is a very malleable metal! So if you decide to store it at home, make sure to handle your bars with care. Wear protective gloves, and store them in a safe and dry place to avoid any potential damage or wear.

How to resell your gold bar?

You have the convenience and security when it comes to reselling your gold bar with GOLD AVENUE. Sell your stored 50 g gold bar instantly at any time using our platform. We take your gold bars at the market price without charging any commission. To top it all off, there is no minimum or maximum amount you can resell.

Of course, checking the current gold price and the latest economic and financial news before selling your gold is good.

Why invest in small bars?

Investing in a smaller bar, such as the 50-gram gold bar, has many advantages. In general, investors like to invest in gold to use it as a hedge against inflation, but you can also enjoy a couple of other advantages when you buy 50 g of gold bars.

Small size, great flexibility

Smaller in size, the 50 g gold bar offers flexibility as it means you can buy larger quantities and resell them gradually, as and when needed. So, technically, you could own 1 kg or more of gold but in smaller sizes, giving you more flexibility to sell.

Investment portfolio diversification

The 50 g gold bar can also be used as a way to diversify your precious metal holdings.

By adding the 50-gram gold bar to your portfolio, you introduce an additional layer of diversification to your portfolio, potentially reducing overall risk. Having a mix of different assets, including precious metals like gold, can help balance your portfolio's performance and protect against unexpected market events.

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