Louis d'or

Louis d'or

The Louis d'or is a famous French coin. Initially, the Louis d'or referred to gold coins featuring the portrait of Kings Louis XII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI. By extension, the term Louis d'or is also used now to refer to the 20 Francs Napoleon gold coins.

Characteristics of a Louis d’or

History of the Louis d’or gold coin

In France, as in other countries, coins typically featured the portrait of the reigning sovereign. The Louis d’or gold coins, as their name suggests, were minted with the portraits of Kings Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI.

The very first Louis d’or gold coin was minted in 1640 under Louis XIII. This coin was introduced with the aim of reforming France’s monetary system. The main goal was to restore confidence in French currency and make it independent of other currencies.

The Louis d’or coins were minted for years until the fall of the French monarchy in 1792. Afterward, these gold coins were replaced by a new currency, the Franc germinal, launched by Napoléon Bonaparte. By extension, this new currency was also called Louis d’or. One of the most popular, the 20 Francs Napoléon gold coin, is still referred to as Louis d’or. This is precisely the coin that interests us as a gold investment.

Specifications of a Louis d’or coin

In the context of gold investment, the Louis d'or refers to coins minted between 1803 and 1914. Several series were minted during French History.

Among the most famous designs:

  • the 20 Francs Napoléon, shown with or without a laurel,
  • the 20 Francs Génie, designed by Augustin Dupré,
  • the 20 Francs Napoléon Coq.

The 20 Francs Napoléon (Louis d’or) is composed of 90% fine gold. It measures 21 mm in diameter and weighs 5.81 g. These weight and size specifications may vary depending on the year of issue.

Value of a Louis d’or

The value of a 20 Francs Napoléon coin, also known as a "Louis d’or," mainly depends on the gold price. Indeed, this famous French coin is composed of 90% pure gold, which represents a little more than 5.8 grams of gold.

A quick look at the gold price per gram will help you determine the intrinsic value of a Louis d’or. Keep in mind: even though gold is famous for its safe-haven status, its price can vary from one day to another.

Please note that a premium can be added to the value of a 20 Francs Napoléon (Louis d’or) gold coin. This premium depends on several criteria, including:

  • production and operational costs,
  • our margin.

When you buy a 20 Francs Napoléon (Louis d’or) coin from GOLD AVENUE, the price details are clearly and transparently displayed when you click on the price.

Why invest in a Louis d’or?

Gold is regarded as a safe haven. In times of economic crisis or inflation, buying gold helps to preserve your assets. Gold tends to retain its value over the years. Gold price has even risen over the long term.

The 20 Francs Napoléon (Louis d'or) is a prime investment gold product that can help diversify your portfolio and offer the benefits of investing in gold. Additionally, it remains affordable, with Louis d'or coins trading at less than £500 at the beginning of 2024. This coin is an excellent choice not only as part of your savings strategy but also as a family heirloom, thanks to its intrinsic value and rich historical significance.

Of course, this price may change, depending on the gold price fluctuations.

Collectors and history enthusiasts will also love the 20 Francs Napoléon gold coin (Louis d’or) for its symbolism and history. It is an essential piece of French culture.

Where to buy a Louis d’or

As with any investment strategy, purchasing gold coins requires careful consideration. It is important to choose a certified and reputable professional to guide you. They should be able to provide you with:

  • A clear and precise breakdown of the prices (whether for bars or coins),
  • Certificates of authenticity,
  • Detailed, dated, and personalized invoices.

A simple way to buy gold is online, which is entirely legal and regulated. At GOLD AVENUE, we offer investors a wide range of gold products and provide tools for managing your portfolio online, making the process simpler and more efficient. Additionally, you can conveniently store your products in our secure, insured vaults.

Alternatives to the Louis d'or

Gold coins are extremely popular among investors because they’re affordable, but not only. They’re a perfect blend of history, symbolism and intrinsic value.

For a richer experience, immerse yourself in the history of Britannia gold coins, which hold as much significance in British culture as the Louis d'or does in French culture.

If you’re looking for more modern gold coins, you may also like the Maple Leaf gold coins and the American Eagle gold coins. Both feature refined, symbolic designs of high quality.

How to store your Louis d’or coins

Storage is a particularly important consideration for gold investment. You can opt for a fireproof and well-hidden home strongbox. If you need to handle your Louis d'or coins, we recommend wearing cotton gloves. Handling a Louis d'or requires meticulous care, as 900/1000 gold is relatively sensitive to shocks and scratches.

Alternatively, you can ask a bank or another professional to store your gold, ensuring their reliability beforehand and comparing costs carefully. At GOLD AVENUE, you can enjoy free storage for up to £10,000 worth of precious metals in one of our secure and insured vaults. By purchasing and storing your Louis d'or with GOLD AVENUE, you can sell them at any time without commission.


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