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Platinum is one of the 4 precious metals sold on GOLD AVENUE along with gold, silver, and palladium. These 4 metals are all different in their physical nature and in their roles. In general, gold is mainly used as an investment, and its price tends to remain stable. On the contrary, platinum, and palladium (which belong to the metal group known as PGM for Platinum Group Metals), just like silver, are known to be much more volatile metals.

At GOLD AVENUE, we offer a selection of the highest-quality platinum products for savers and investors.

What is platinum?

Platinum is a precious metal, used in both industry and investment. Its wide industrial use makes it a very different metal from gold. Indeed, volatility is greater when a metal is used in industries as it becomes even more dependent on demand.

One of the main use of platinum is in the automotive industry, where it is widely used in the making of car catalytic converters.

Platinum has the chemical element bearing the atomic number 78, and for symbol, Pt. It is part of the platinum family of metals, along with palladium, ruthenium, iridium, rhodium, and osmium.

Investors tend to appreciate platinum for its volatility, which is often used as a way to add some risk to an existing precious metals portfolio.

How do I buy platinum?

Buying platinum (e.g. buying platinum bullion) is an investment in a precious metal that is not widely known. Its rarity makes it an investment of choice for both short-term and long-term investments.

At GOLD AVENUE, we offer competitive prices on high-quality products, stored in our ultra-secure vaults.

Price of platinum bars and platinum coins

The price of our platinum products is based on the official platinum price. That is the reason why the price of our products can fluctuate during the day. You can check our chart page to track the platinum price.

Our platinum bars and platinum coins are both made of pure platinum. The main difference between the price of bars and coins is going to be the margin (also called “premium”), which is the part of the price that will go to GOLD AVENUE, to cover our operational and production costs.

This is why the premium will mostly be higher on products that have an artistic quality, such as coins or Lady Fortuna bars.

How does the platinum price work?

The platinum price is known to be fluctuent as it is influenced by many factors including the price of gold, mine supply and industrial demand. Indeed, it is used in many different industries, such as medicine, technology, jewelry, and engineering. And while palladium is often in high demand due to rising industrial uses, it can also be in short supply as most of the production of pall comes from 5 countries: Russia, South Africa, United States, Canada, and Zimbabwe.

Before buying platinum, you can check the price of palladium today or for any other date, by ounces, or any other weight measurement.

Compared to other precious metals on the market, platinum is cheaper than gold and palladium but more expensive than silver (silver is the cheapest of the 4 precious metals available on GOLD AVENUE).

Its volatility means that it is often favored by more experienced investors or those wishing to diversify their precious metal portfolio.

Should you buy platinum bars or platinum coins

When you want to invest in platinum, you have different solutions at your disposal. You can choose to either buy platinum bars, or platinum coins. They both have their own advantages.

Investing in platinum bars, can allow you to buy a large quantity of platinum for a good price. The premium in our bars is often lower than the one on coins, but always pay attention at the premium on every product you are buying because it can be different from one product to another.

One of the main advantages of buying platinum bars, is the fact that they tend to have lower margins (also called “premium”) than coins or small ingots.

On the other hand, platinum coins have a legal value and can be used as currencies. They also have a collectible value, which can make their price go up in the long term.

Despite often higher margins, platinum coins are often cheaper than bars at purchase, simply because of their smaller weight. This means that for one platinum bar (of course, depending on which one you choose), you can usually buy a larger number of coins.

This can allow you to resell you platinum coins separately. This is often the solution used by savers and investors interested in keeping flexibility, as it allows them to sell some of their platinum when they need it.

Buy platinum Switzerland

Would you like to buy Swiss platinum directly from Switzerland, without moving from home? On our website, you can directly buy, store, resell or ask for the delivery of your products.

So why don't you also manage your portfolio from your sofa, whether you are located in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Bern, you can access your wallet at any time to buy, store, and resell platinum on GOLD AVENUE.

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You can easily buy Swiss platinum directly from the UK. And you can do so from any city: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham, Bournemouth, Norwich, Glasgow or Edinburgh as well as any village.

Invest in platinum and store it for free in our secure vaults in Switzerlnd.

You can also have it delivered to your place directly. The shipping is secured, insured, and delivered by hand.

GOLD AVENUE has developed an online solution for UK citizens to buy precious metals from their home and at competitive prices. The recommended option is to store for free in GOLD AVENUE's vaults to avoid delivery costs and benefit from commission-free resale (0%).

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It is now possible to buy platinum (bars and coin) from all over Europe through our platform.

Whether you are located in Switzerland, France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia or Slovenia, we deliver to your place.

Buying and storing for free in our secure vaults is available worldwide.

Do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer support, via phone, email, or chat.

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The number one website in Switzerland for buying platinum online is now available in Geneva (since 2018).

Ideal for investing in platinum with storage in the MKS PAMP GROUP vaults in Ticino, Switzerland. Alternatively, our investor clients can choose to have their platinum bars and coins delivered to Geneva and the neighboring communes of Carouge, Plan-les-Ouates, Meyrin, Cologny, Chêne-Bougeries, Vernier, Bernex (Canton of Geneva and all of French-speaking Switzerland).

In short, GOLD AVENUE is the solution to start your saving in precious metals. You can safely buy platinum in Geneva from home (online) and at competitive prices. The recommended option is free storage in GOLD AVENUE vaults to avoid delivery costs and benefit from commission-free resale (0%).

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The number one website for buying platinum is now available in London.

For all the inhabitants of the capital city who wish to invest in platinum, in a simple, secure way and without moving and who wish to store it in insured vaults, GOLD AVENUE offers you this unique solution. Our vaults are located in the refinery of the MKS PAMP Group in Switzerland, in the Ticino region. If you choose the delivery, we also deliver throughout the United Kingdom in cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham, Bournemouth, Norwich, Glasgow or Edinburgh as well as any village.

In short, GOLD AVENUE is the solution dedicated to saving in precious metals for Londoners and UK residents to buy platinum (on internet) safely from home, at competitive prices. The option we recommend is free storage in our safes to avoid delivery costs and to benefit from commission-free resale (0%).