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We offer the best storage solution

Storage is FREE for up to 10 kg per metal in our secure vaults.
Above 10 kg, we only charge a yearly commission of 0.3% on the value of your products.
This commission will be invoiced quarterly with a minimum amount of 50 CHF.

1. Select a metal
2. Amount to be stored in our vault
Weight (g)
Fees per year (CHF)


Resell without commission

We charge 0% commission fee upon resale

You can easily resell your stored products to GOLD AVENUE at spot price (the current market price). We buy them back instantly and apply 0% commission fee. At your request, we then wire the amount to your bank account.


Sell your stored products

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Receive your money

Receive your money

Ship your products all over Europe

  • We work with trusted shipping companies.
  • All orders are securely wrapped up and insured against theft, damage, and loss at all times
  • Each delivery comes with a tracking number allowing you to follow your parcel online. You must sign upon delivery to confirm and guarantee a good reception of the order

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Standard Shipping:

(4-10 business days)


Our shipping costs include the following:
Shipping & handling, insurance, hand-delivery option, delivery upon signature option.

Our shipping prices are for orders up to $27,500.
For larger orders, we use a dedicated shipping service, please contact us for custom prices.

If your country does not appear on this list, please contact our customer service: or +41 (0)22 518 92 11

Choose your payment method

GOLD AVENUE currently accepts payments in USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF.
You can pay either by wire transfer, GOLD AVENUE Pay, credit card, or DGLD.

Wire transfer

Wire transfer (free)

Bank transfers are free on GOLD AVENUE (no additional fees). This payment method is only allowed for orders between 2,000 and 50,000 CHF. Your invoice must be paid immediately after placing your order. GOLD AVENUE cannot be held responsible for any conversion or reversal fees performed by your bank.


GOLD AVENUE Pay (free)

GOLD AVENUE Pay is our instant payment and withdrawal solution. Free and secure, you can top it up with a simple wire transfer before placing your order. Your funds will be credited to your account within 1-3 business days (your bank may apply transfer fees for which you are responsible).

Credit card payment

Credit card (3% surcharge)

You can make purchases with any credit or debit card supporting «3D Secure». To determine if your card supports 3D Secure, directly contact your card provider. A credit card lets you purchase instantly without the delays of a bank transfer. The 3% surcharge fee allows for priority payment.


DGLD (0.0005 DGLD fee)

A DGLD token is a digital proof of ownership of allocated gold physically held in a Swiss vault and secured with the bitcoin blockchain. This makes DGLD the most independent way to digitally hold gold. Each DGLD transaction carries a 0.0005 DGLD fee.