Buy Silver Bars Online Switzerland

Buy Silver Bars Online Switzerland

At GOLD AVENUE, you will be able to find Silver Bullion bars produced by internationally recognized manufacturers. One of our most beloved brands is PAMP Suisse, as they are one of the most respected silver refineries in the world. Whether you are a first-time investor in the precious metals industry, or perhaps you are already an accomplished investor, we are certain we have an abundance of Silver bars to offer at GOLD AVENUE. Silver Bars are a cost-effective and efficient way to invest in this industry.

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When you buy silver bar (Switzerland) online you are investing in a physical asset that can be stored outside the formal banking and financial sectors.GOLD AVENUE offers 99.9% (999.0) pure silver bullion produced by MKS PAMP on its website. Investors who wish to buy physical silver in large quantities usually choose silver bullion.PAMP silver bars are LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) certified, the highest level of certification for precious metals. Each silver bar is marked with the weight, grade, purity, and brand mark of the manufacturer.Silver bars are generally large, but if you prefer smaller bars you can buy the iconic Lady Fortuna in 1 ounce silver or 100 grams silver, or choose from a wide selection of silver coins such as the famous 1 ounce pure silver Maple Leaf $5 coin or the South African silver coin.

Buying Silver Ingots

Buying silver bullion is primarily a way to invest at a lower cost than investing in gold and allows you to secure your future.

Each silver bar is marked with its weight, its silver purity of 999.9/1000, its year of issue, and its serial number. Buying silver bullion is a good way to invest in the precious metals market and diversify your precious metals portfolio. Silver bullion is affordable because it costs less than gold bullion or even gold coins.

You can buy silver bar (Switzerland), price is fluctuating every day so do not forget to check the silver price.

Buying PAMP silver bullion

MKS PAMP Switzerland is the world's leading brand of bullion.

This silver ingot is called "cast" because it is produced directly from molten silver. Its aspect is rawer and is, therefore, more used for its purely "investment" side. GOLD AVENUE offers you the possibility to buy Swiss silver bars online up to 1 kg. You can buy or sell silver coins but also gold, platinum, or palladium bars.

Price and rate of silver ingot

Today, if you want to buy silver bar online to diversify your portfolio, you have plenty of options.

The price and rate of silver fluctuate on a daily basis, in the same way as the price and rate of gold, so this has an impact on both bullion and all coins, as it moves separately from the stock market. The silver price can be affected by different factors such as:

  • the evolution of the money market and the stock market
  • recession or the threat of recession
  • elections
  • political movements or geopolitical problems

These are important factors to consider when investing in precious metals. In the financial markets, silver is quoted in different currencies such as the Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Yen, Swiss Franc (CHF) and many others. To be precise, one ounce of silver corresponds to a weight of 31.103g of silver.

You can always follow the price of silver, gold, platinum, and palladium directly online on our website, by day, month, or year. 

In addition, you can receive alerts on the price of silver, gold, and other precious metals, as well as on the price of a specific silver or gold item, so that you can be informed in real-time of all trends in the silver and gold market. This will allow you to invest at the best time, whether you are buying silver, gold, platinum, or palladium bullion.

Sell your silver bars

You have the possibility to sell your silver bars directly from your personal account, at any time, and in total security on our platform. We take back your stored silver bars and other precious metals at the market price. It is therefore advisable to find out about the price of the metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) before making your sale. There is no minimum or maximum amount for the sale and therefore the trade-in of your silver bars or coins.

Of course, you should keep an eye on the silver price and the news of the financial world before selling your silver.

GOLD AVENUE is regulated according to the Swiss financial market rules, i.e. GOLD AVENUE is registered in the Geneva Commercial Register and is affiliated to ARIF, a self-regulatory organisation recognised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

Storing your silver ingots

You have the choice of opting directly online for delivery. In this case, you will receive your silver bars or coins directly at your address.

The other option is to store your silver bars directly and free of charge at GOLD AVENUE. All silver bars, silver coins, and other precious metals are insured in our secure vaults in Switzerland.

Buy VAT-FREE silver

At GOLD AVENUE, we sell different precious metals such as gold, silver platinum, and palladium. Among these precious metals, we also sell VAT-FREE silver products.

VAT-FREE products are products stored in a secure Swiss Freeport: an economic zone where the 7.7% Swiss VAT on precious metals does not apply.
Our VAT-FREE products are therefore exempt from the 7.7% Swiss VAT rate and stored outside of the banking system.
You can resell your products to us 24/7, instantly, and without commission (0%). In order to remain VAT-FREE, these products are only available for storage.

We are increasing our VAT-FREE range of products but you can already buy: