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1 ounce Silver Bar - PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna


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This silver bullion of one ounce (oz), or 31.10 grams (g), PAMP Suisse Fortuna is elegantly decorated with the famous Roman goddess Fortuna.

This 1oz (31.10 g) Lady Fortuna silver ingot bears the world's most famous design. Lady Fortuna was PAMP's first design and the very first design to be issued on precious metal bullion (gold, silver, platinum, palladium). Silver bullion is an easy and convenient way to invest in precious metals, and it is becoming increasingly popular to invest in silver, instead of gold. This is especially the case for new investors. Indeed, the price of silver on the financial markets has preserved the wealth of its investors against inflation as well as during periods of uncertainty. If you decide to buy this unique Fortuna silver bullion, you will buy one of the most popular bullions in the world.

Lady Fortuna is known as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. She is always represented with her mythical attributes, like the cornucopia in her hands, with the wealth that flows from it, and the wheel of fortune behind her. She is often represented veiled. On the back of the coin, important information is displayed, for example, the weight of the silver bullion, the purity of the silver and the date of production.

Please handle your silver ingot carefully. We recommend using gloves when wearing it to avoid getting dirty or leaving fingerprints on your investment. We also recommend storing the PAMP Suisse silver ingot in a nice presentation box or showcase.

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