Platinum coins

Platinum coins

Diversifying your investment portfolio with precious metals can be a smart way to reduce your exposure to economic volatility. In recent years, platinum, and platinum coins in particular have become popular among investors thanks to their affordability and high tangible value. Like other precious metals, the price of platinum has the potential to increase over time if supply remains limited and demand rises.

Understanding platinum

Platinum, a key member of the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), shares several similarities with palladium. Both are essential metals for the automotive sector, where they are used to produce catalytic converters. They have exceptional resistance to corrosion and high melting points, which also makes them excellent collectors' items for investors.

Why buy platinum?

Platinum, alongside other precious metals such as gold, silver, and palladium, is often viewed as a safe haven during periods of economic uncertainty. Investors tend to gravitate towards precious metals when there is a sudden spike in inflation or the threat of a recession - both of which can reduce the value of stocks, shares and cash. When the demand for platinum rises, so does its price.

What will the future price of platinum be?

There is no way to accurately predict the future price of any commodity. However, it’s worth keeping an eye on the overall supply and demand for platinum, which dictate its price.

  • The value of USD will also have a big impact on the price of palladium in GBP and other currencies.
  • When you buy platinum coins or bars, you can diversify your portfolio by reducing your exposure to inflation and currency devaluation.
  • Demand for platinum is expected to remain strong due to its industrial importance and limited supply.

What influences the platinum price?

The automotive sector has an important role in the price of platinum, due to this precious metal’s use in catalytic converters, specifically those of diesel vehicles. Keeping an eye on car sales, production forecasts, and emission regulation changes is a good idea if you intend on building a large platinum portfolio. You should also look out for other events that could affect the price, such as constraints triggered by geopolitical events or sanctions, both of which can make the price of palladium more volatile.

How to choose between platinum coins or bars

If you’re not sure whether you should buy platinum coins or bars, have a think about your investment goals, budget, and preferences. Whatever you decide, remember that all platinum products on our website are investment grade (.995 purity or higher), which is pure platinum.

Investing in Platinum Coins

  • Platinum coins, like our Britannia and Maple Leaf collections, are somewhat lighter and more affordable than bars, making them accessible to investors on slimmer budgets.
  • Because of their lower price, you may find it easier to resell them individually.
  • However, platinum coins usually have a higher premium due to their detailed designs (our operational and production costs are slightly higher for these items).

Investing in Platinum Bars

  • Heavier and priced higher than coins, platinum bars are well suited to investors looking to build a large portfolio quickly.
  • These generally have lower premiums than our platinum coins.
  • It may take longer for you to sell larger high-value platinum bars, particularly if you’re planning to sell part of a collection.

How to keep your platinum coins safe

If you already have a large platinum collection or are planning to buy platinum coins in bulk, it’s worth considering a professional storage solution. This could be a bank safe deposit box or our secure storage facility in Switzerland. For smaller collections of platinum coins, a high-quality home safe may suffice if properly insured.

Did you know that we also offer VAT-FREE platinum coins?

Some of our platinum coins are exempt VAT (currently 20% in countries like the UK), which means you can enjoy significant savings. This also makes our platinum coins more affordable for new investors to help them maximise their long-term returns.

How safe are your platinum coins in our Swiss storage facility?

Our facility in Switzerland is insured against theft, damage, and loss, and is never accessible to the public. This is a safe place to store all your high-value platinum, gold, palladium, and silver, while enjoying those VAT-free tax advantages.

How to buy platinum coins

  • Order our platinum coins today and get them delivered to your home address.
  • Or we can stock them for you in our Swiss storage facility - whichever option you prefer.

The price of platinum you see on our website always reflects the latest market price.

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