1 kg gold bars

1 kg gold bars

Produced by world-renowned brands, such as MKS PAMP Suisse, our stunning 1 kg gold bars are perfect for investors, gold enthusiasts and collectors looking to buy gold to build their precious metals portfolio.

Because this precious metal is treasured around the world and transcends different cultures, this bar can be purchased as an exquisite gift for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. You could even purchase this bar as a family heirloom that can be passed onto future generations, which may be a more tax-efficient way to transfer your wealth, although speak with a financial adviser first.

What are the characteristics of our 1 kg gold bars?

Crafted by renowned mints, our 1 kg gold bar are engraved with the logos of their producer. They are made of 99.99% pure gold, which is the required standard for investment gold. While they vary in sizes and measurements, PAMP Suisse’s 1 kg gold bar is, for example, 115.50 mm long and 52.50 mm wide. They will also includes a unique serial number on the front of the ingot, guaranteeing its authenticity.

Why buy a gold bar that is 1 kg?

Investing in a 1 kg gold bar can be a great way to diversify your portfolio if you already have significant investments in stocks, shares, or real estate. If you're looking to protect your wealth from economic volatility, such as high inflation, investing in gold could be a wise choice. That’s because during negative economic events, many investors switch to gold to protect their wealth, which is what drives up the price of this precious metal.

As we mentioned earlier, this 1 kg gold bar could also be purchased as a gift for a special occasion. Unlike a luxury sports car or high-fashion items, it won’t depreciate in value because of wear and tear - because gold doesn't degrade over time.

If the value of your 1 kg gold bar rises significantly over time, you could generate a significant return on your original investment.

Is gold really a good hedge against inflation?

History dictates that gold tends to perform well during periods of high inflation, although this is not guaranteed. According to the World Gold Council, the price of gold has risen just over 4% (in real terms) when US inflation has been between 2% and 5%, and just over 14% (in real terms) when inflation has been above 5%.

What is the price of a 1 kg gold bar?

Because the global gold price fluctuates, the prices on our website fluctuate. Remember that the price of gold can be influenced by many different events, such as interest rate increases, inflation data, employment data and other macroeconomic indicators.

You can check the latest price of our 1 kg gold bar, which will include the total price per unit, the value of the metal, and any fees (such as delivery abroad).

How to store a 1 kg gold bar?

Storing 1 kg of gold in our secure vault is a much more cost-effective option than delivery abroad, which is why over 80% of our customers choose the former option.

Because of its extremely high value, keeping your 1 kg gold bar in a secure facility, such as our Swiss vault or a bank safety deposit box, is the safest option. However, if you do decide to store your gold at home, this can be shipped to you discretely.

How to resell your 1 kg gold bar

Another advantage of choosing GOLD AVENUE is that you can resell your 1 kg gold bar at any time with 0% commission. This gives you the flexibility to convert your investments into cash at short notice and take advantage of any favourable price movements.

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If a 1 kg gold bar is a little beyond your budget, why not check out our smaller gold bar sizes, which offer the same outstanding quality but are a little easier on your wallet. These range from 1 gram to our 100-gram Lady Fortuna bars.

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