500 gram Silver bars

500 gram Silver bars

This 500-gram silver bullion produced by PAMP has a millesimal fineness of 999.0 silver content. 

One of the world's best-selling silver bars, this pure silver ingot is minted at the MKS PAMP refinery, one of the leading precious metal refineries in Switzerland.

Each .999 silver bar has on display the craftsmanship and artistry of the refinery’s silver work. As such, each silver investment bar bears its unique serial number and the PAMP Suisse logo that guarantee its authenticity and ensure its traceability.









Presentation of the 500g silver bar

Purchasing PAMP silver bars as a part of a silver bullion investment can be an excellent way to build a diversified portfolio and gain long-term value.  Throughout history, the price of silver has maintained its intrinsic value, so when you buy silver products, you continue to preserve that legacy and heritage. Just like the PAMP silver coins, this pure silver 500g bar can be a great addition to any precious metals collection.

With stunning quality and timeless design, a 500g silver bullion ingot is ideal for investors, collectors and savers. The 500g silver bar dimensions are 14.5 mm in thickness, 90 mm in length, and 40 mm in width. Each silver ingot also contains details about its purity (0.999 pure silver) and bar weight (silver bar 500 grams). When you buy a 500g silver bar, try and protect your investment by wearing wear cotton gloves when you handle your precious metal.  This will prevent scratches and fingerprint marks.

Seen as a reliable store of value, a 500g silver bullion ingot is a worthy addition to any portfolio without the need to keep an eye on the silver price. It's also available as one of several VAT-Free silver products available at GOLD AVENUE.

Plus, if you ever decide to put up your 500g silver bar for sale, we will buy it back instantly, 24/7, without paying any commission fees. Discover today’s 500g silver bar price with our silver price tracker or head this way to buy silver bars.

Your journey toward building a prosperous investment future starts here.

What makes the 500g silver bar special?

Crafted by PAMP Suisse, one of the leading precious metal companies in the world, each exquisite 500g silver bar marries the timeless allure of silver with a savings opportunity.

Lovingly minted in Switzerland, the iconic PAMP logo, a quartet of circles each inscribed with a letter of 'PAMP', a 500g silver bar is a symbol of trust and quality. 

Seen as a reliable store of value, a 500g silver bullion ingot can be a worthy addition to any portfolio. It's also available as one of several VAT-Free silver products available at GOLD AVENUE. 

Discover today’s 500g silver bar or head this way to buy silver bars from our collection.

The price of a 500g silver bar

At GOLD AVENUE, the price of a 500 gram silver bar is comprised of the metal value and the fees (also called the premium).

The metal value is the silver price (also known as the spot price). This is how much you will pay if you buy the 500g silver bar immediately. As the silver price is impacted by different factors such as demand and market conditions, the 500g silver ingot value can fluctuate throughout the day.

Usually, the price of a silver ingot is more volatile than a gold bar but is seen as good long-term savings investment. Always check the 500g silver ingot value before you buy or sell. 

If you want to know more about the price of a silver bar (500 gram), check out the price breakdown on its shop page.

Why buy a 500g silver bar?

Beloved by investors and collectors, our exclusive 500g silver bar is one of the best-selling silver products on the market. As a convenient and cost-effective way to start in precious metals, buying a silver bar (500 gram) offers a low barrier to the market in terms of the affordable price and ease of storage.

Ideal for bulk purchasing, silver bars can be a savvy way of saving. What’s more, silver bars give you the flexibility to be sold individually or in multiples. A 500g silver bar can be a great long-term investment, ideal for diversifying your portfolio.

How to store your 500 g silver bar safely

When it comes to storing your 500-gram silver bar, there are three options to consider. Many individuals prefer keeping their silver bars at home, especially if they only own one or two, providing easy accessibility. However, this approach requires careful consideration of storage conditions, ensuring a suitable environment free from dampness and corrosive elements. It also necessitates having an adequate homeowner’s insurance policy covering valuables.

Alternatively, you can opt for a safe deposit box, typically available at banks. While this option ensures security, insurance, and monitoring, access is often limited and not available 24/7.

At GOLD AVENUE, when you purchase a 500-gram silver bar, we offer free storage. Our facility provides 24-hour security and a climate-controlled environment, ensuring your high-quality silver bullion is safeguarded against theft, fire, and environmental damage.

What size silver bar should I buy?