Auto-Savings, easy savings, no commitment

Set up recurring automatic purchases in gold and silver to build your savings over time.

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Four reasons to automate savings with Auto-Savings

Gold and silver have long been used as a protection against inflation and a tangible store of value. A little like real estate, but more affordable and easier to sell. Start building real savings in precious metals with Auto-Savings.

Convenient without commitment

Convenient without commitment

Automate your savings with Auto-Savings to enjoy the advantages of physical gold. Stay in control of your savings: manage, pause, or cancel at any time, and resell instantly with 0% commission.

Reach your long-term goals

Reach your long-term goals

Setting up automatic and recurring gold and silver purchases is the best way to reach your long-term savings goals. Build your wealth at your own pace, adjust when you need.

The cost-average effect

The cost-average effect

Buying at regular intervals lets you build your gold and silver savings in a hassle-free way without having to think about the price. This is called cost-averaging.

Trust an industry leader

Trust an industry leader

Choose from a preselection of the best products for Auto-Savings. Made in the MKS PAMP refinery, and stored in the safety of our Swiss vaults.

Set your Auto-Savings plan in 3 simple steps

Easily manage, pause, or cancel it at any time, directly from your account.

Select a product and a<br/>frequency
Set a payment<br/>method
Place your first<br/>order
Select a product and a<br/>frequency

Select a product and a

Choose a product from our preselection below and select a frequency: weekly, monthly quarterly, twice-yearly, or yearly.

Set a payment<br/>method

Set a payment

Choose between our available payment methods. To put your Auto-Savings on autopilot, we recommend setting automatic recurring SEPA transfers from your bank.

Place your first<br/>order

Place your first

Finish placing your first order and that’s it, your Auto-Savings plan has now started! So, if you selected monthly purchases and today’s May 1, your next automatic purchases will happen on June 1, July 1, August 1, etc.

Learn more about Auto-Savings

Read the most frequently asked questions on our Auto-Savings feature from other savers and investors.

Can I pause, change, or cancel my Auto-Savings whenever I want?

Yes, you can pause, change, or cancel your Auto-Savings plans whenever you want. Simply go to the settings page of the AutoSavings plan you would like to update and make the changes. We designed this feature to fit your needs, so feel free to adjust your settings as often as you like.

What payment methods can I use to set up an Auto-Savings order?

You can pay for your Auto-Savings orders using GOLD AVENUE Pay or Wire Transfers. To put your Auto-Savings on autopilot, we recommend setting automatic recurring SEPA transfers from your bank. This way, you can ensure that your savings are consistently growing without having to make each payment manually.

Can I set the price of the products I buy on Auto-Savings?

Each automatic purchase is made at the going price for the product at the moment of purchase. Just like with a normal purchase!

Do I have to pay for using the Auto-Savings feature?

No, there is no additional cost for using Auto-Savings. You will only pay for the products you purchase, just like any other order on our website. This feature is really meant to help you automatize your savings

Do I own 100% of the precious metals I buy on GOLD AVENUE?

Absolutely. All the products you purchase are 100% yours and are physically stored in our vaults in Switzerland, outside the banking system. You can download a certificate of ownership listing all the products you store with us at any time from your online personal account.

Can I have my Auto-Savings products delivered to me?

Auto-Savings products are for storage only and cannot be delivered. They will be safely stored and insured in our secure vaults in Switzerland. We offer free storage for up to CHF/EUR10,000 in stored value, and only CHF/EUR8 per month if you store between CHF/EUR10,000 and CHF/EUR100,000 in value. You can read more about our storage solution here.

You can choose to resell your stored products back to us at any time, instantly, and with 0% commission.

What is cost-averaging, and how does it work?

Cost-averaging is a technique used by investors to reduce the impact of market fluctuations on their investments. With Auto-Savings, this means that you are making small, regular purchases over time, regardless of the current market price. This can help smooth out the ups and downs of the market and potentially result in a lower average purchase price over time. This technique can be especially useful for long-term investors who want to build a diversified portfolio with precious metals.