100 g silver bars

100 g silver bars

These 100 gram medium-size silver bars can be a good starting point for silver enthusiasts or investors looking to buy silver to build a balanced precious metals portfolio.









Why buy silver bars?

Investing in silver bars offers a strategic advantage for diversifying investment portfolios. As a cost-effective alternative to gold, silver presents an accessible opportunity for a broader range of investors to buy into precious metals.

When considering portfolio diversification, buying silver bars can be a wise choice, particularly in times of strong economic growth and rising industrial demand.

Because of its widespread industrial use, when the demand for industrial products rises during strong economic growth, the price of silver could rise too.

So if you’re thinking of diversifying your portfolio, investing in silver, like gold, can be a good way to achieve this. 

The advantages of buying 100 gram silver bars

Buying 100 gram silver bars offers a blend of flexibility and value, making it an appealing choice for both beginner and seasoned investors. Moreover, these bars are small enough for easy storage and trading, yet large enough to offer a meaningful investment in silver.

You can buy these 100 gram silver bars without VAT by storing them in our secure freeport, similar to a duty-free area. If you decide to have them delivered, it's just a few clicks away, but be aware that you will need to pay the relevant VAT.

With our VAT-free silver products, you don’t have to pay your country’s VAT, which is as high as 20% in the UK and 22% in Italy. This means you can make significant savings on your initial investments.

How to store these 100 gram silver bars?

If you choose the VAT-free option, your silver bar will be stored in our secure vault in Switzerland. It is outside of the banking system and is insured against theft, damage or loss. For maximum security, public access to this vault is strictly prohibited. Storage is free for silver bars with a total combined value of up to £10,000.

What is the value of the 100 gram silver bars? 

The price of our 100 gram silver bars fluctuates in line with the silver price, which can be hard to predict, as this is influenced by various macroeconomic factors and silver’s industrial demand. Before you make any purchases, check the current price of silver to make an informed decision.

How easy is it to resell your 100 gram silver bar?

If you wish, you can easily resell your stored 100 gram silver bars at GOLD AVENUE 24/7 with 0% commission.

We offer a wide range of PAMP silver bars in different weights, from 1 oz to 1 kg, made of pure investment-grade silver.