100 gram Silver Bar - PAMP Suisse Lunar Rat

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PAMP Suisse Lunar Minted Silver Bars are no doubt one of the most popular collector coins on the market. They are ideal for investment options, as well as being part of a collection.

PAMP Suisse produces Chinese Lunar New Year ingots, in order to commemorate this popular holiday. The Lunar New Year is one of the most famous holidays in China. It is also widely celebrated in other parts of Asia, as well as Chinese communities from all around the world. PAMP Suisse produces these silver ingots each year to follow the tradition of representing one of the animals symbolizing the Chinese New Year. Their annual design change is what makes these ingots truly unique. Many investors would even say that they are the most unique ingots available on the market. These prestigious ingots are recognized by silver admirers everywhere, and they remain a symbol of wealth and status. They are known for their beauty, high-quality design, and beautiful finish.

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