1 gram gold bars

1 gram gold bars

1 gram gold bars are the perfect choice for new investors or those looking to buy gold on a slimmer budget. It’s also a great addition to a precious metals portfolio, particularly if you’re looking to expand your gold collection gradually over time.

Now you can benefit from owning a prestigious asset from one of the world-renowned brands available on GOLD AVENUE, without having to pay the large upfront cost of heavier gold bars.









Why buy gold?

Gold transcends cultures and has been an important store of wealth for thousands of years. Unlike crypto or other digital currencies, gold is still a physical asset with intrinsic value. History has shown us that gold retains its value over time and is considered a safe haven during economic volatility, such as high inflation.

Gold isn’t just nice to look at either; it’s also used in multiple industries, thanks to its remarkable durability and appealing aesthetics. Unsurprisingly, it’s popular in the world of jewelry, cosmetics, art and fashion. However, it also has many other important practical applications. For example, because it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, it’s often used in the circuitry of computers and TVs (although we wouldn’t advise you to verify this yourself unless you’re a qualified electrician!).

Remember, if you already have a portfolio of stocks and shares, you can buy gold bars to diversify and reduce your exposure to negative events, such as market downturns.

What are the characteristics of a 1 gram gold bar?

Small in size and weight, 1 gram gold bars are usually no bigger than the size of a small fingernail! They are commonly made of pure gold (99.99%, which is the investment standard for gold), and some, such as the famous Lady Fortuna gold bar are intricately decorated.

What is the value of a 1 gram gold bar?

The value of a 1 gram gold bar will depend on the global gold price. As you can imagine, this can vary and is hard for anyone to predict. For example, if interest rates in the US changed unexpectedly next month, it is likely that the price of gold would change too.

This is why the price of our gold bars and other precious metals changes very frequently. So make sure you check the current total price of a 1 gram gold bar, the value of the metal itself, and any fees that may apply (such as delivery to the UK) before making your purchase.

How to store a 1 gram gold bar?

You can store your 1 gram gold bar in our secure Swiss vault, which is segregated from the banking system and insured against theft, loss or damage. Our storage solution is free for up to €10,000 in storage value and allows for free and instant resale of your products.

Alternatively, you can have it delivered to your address.

If you wish to store this 1 gram gold bar at home, you could keep it in a presentation box or a display case. Remember to handle it with care, and use gloves to protect it from any fingerprints or dirt (this will keep it nice and pristine).

How to resell your gold bar?

We know plans can change, and you may wish to convert your investments into cash. We allow you to do this at any time (24/7), and you won’t be charged any commission. This also helps you take advantage of favorable short-term price movements to help you maximise your investment returns.

Why buy 1g of gold?

Larger gold bars are often unaffordable to many investors, so starting a portfolio with small gold bars can be an effective way to build your wealth slowly over time.

Just bear in mind that these 1 gram gold bars are very small and are easy to lose sight of. If you store them at home, keep them in a secure spot where they won’t be moved or misplaced.

Small size, great flexibility

Because a 1 gram bar is much more affordable than a larger bars, you may find it easier to sell to other investors with smaller budgets. This gives you more flexibility if you need to convert your investments into cash at short notice, although don’t forget you can do this at any time at GOLD AVENUE with 0% commission charged.

Whether you're starting your investment journey or building your precious metals portfolio, a 1 gram gold bar could be the perfect choice for you.

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All of our gold bars have 99.99% purity and can be resold 24/7 with 0% commission. We offer bars in many different sizes and weights, from Lady Fortuna bars (1g to 100g) to our ultra-luxurious 1kg bars for those with bigger budgets.

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