Heraeus gold bars

Heraeus gold bars

At GOLD AVENUE, we offer you a wide selection of high-quality gold bars from Heraeus. All Heraeus gold bars have a purity of 999.9, are available in various denominations, and comply with the LBMA Good Delivery standard.

The history of the company

Heraeus is a German company with a centuries-old history. As early as 1660, Isaac Heraeus took over the then Faucque Pharmacy in Hanau-Neustadt, and it appears that the company was involved in the gold business early on.

In 1851, the chemist Wilhelm Carl Heraeus finally took over the company, and under his leadership, Heraeus quickly made a name for itself in the precious metals industry:

He succeeded in melting platinum in larger quantities and in high purity for the first time through an innovative process, an achievement that made Heraeus a sought-after supplier of goldsmiths and jewelries from all over the world in just a few years.

Today, Heraeus Holding - founded in 1985 - is one of the largest German family-owned companies and operates in 5 areas, including the production of high-quality precious metal products.

In 2011, the company achieved for the first time a turnover of more than 20 billion euros with precious metal trading, conducted through the Heraeus Precious Metals division.

The distinctive features of Heraeus gold bars

Heraeus gold bars have an excellent reputation among many investors and collectors due to the long tradition of the manufacturer.

And rightly so, because Heraeus gold bars have a number of distinctive features:

  • High purity: Heraeus gold bars are characterized by a purity of 999.9/1000 or 24 karats, similar to those produced by other leading manufacturers like Swiss PAMP.
  • Manufacturer logo: The embossed manufacturer logo - a hand with roses (a partial excerpt of the Heraeus family crest) - guarantees high recognizability.
  • Embossing/stamping: Heraeus Edelmetalle GmbH Hanau
  • Good Delivery standard: Heraeus gold bars comply with the LBMA Good Delivery standard, one of the most recognized certifications for high-quality gold worldwide.
  • Unique serial number: Heraeus gold bars have a unique serial number.

What’s the difference between Heraeus gold bars and Kinebar gold bars?

Kinebar gold bars also come from Heraeus and, compared to regular Heraeus gold bars, feature a hologram on the back that shimmers in different colors of the rainbow depending on the angle and lighting.

This feature is not only visually appealing but also serves security purposes and is called Kinegram®.

Kinegram gold bars typically have a higher premium than traditional Heraeus gold bars because their production is more expensive.

The bottom line: Heraeus gold bars

Heraeus gold bars can be a reputable choice for investors and collectors who want to purchase a quality product from a well-known manufacturer.

Heraeus gold bars stand out for their fineness of 999.9/1000, are certified by the LBMA, and are available in various denominations.

At GOLD AVENUE, you can securely store the precious metals you purchase from us in our Swiss vaults free of charge, up to a deposit amount of €10,000 CHF/EUR. Additionally, you can sell your gold back to us at any time and without commission at the current metal value.

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