Vreneli Gold coins

Vreneli Gold coins

The Vreneli Gold Coin is a currency issued between 1897 and 1949 by the Swiss Mint. This gold coin, similar to the French Napoleon, contains 5.81 grams of pure gold 0.900 (90% fine gold and 10% copper). 

The face value of the Gold Vreneli is 20 Swiss francs. The 20 Swiss franc Gold Vreneli is one of the most prestigious numismatic coins in the world. Investors wishing to buy gold rely on this Swiss product, which represents Switzerland and its economic stability. The price of the Vreneli varies according to the price of gold.









Buy Helvetia gold coins (Vreneli)

Issued by the Swiss Mint, the Helvetia gold coins are arguably the most popular Swiss gold coins and are also known as “Goldvreneli” coins due their depiction of a Swiss icon, the Vreneli.

The Helvetia gold coin has a fineness of 900.0 and served as a legal tender in Switzerland between 1897 and 1936. Today, the Vreneli is sold and bought as a bullion coin and its metal value succeeds its nominal value by multiples.

Key figures:

  • Fineness of 900.0
  • Swiss heritage and rich history
  • Served as a legal tender between 1897 and 1936
  • Popular design

The history of Helvetia gold coins

Helvetia gold coins have a rich history and served as a legal tender in Switzerland between 1897 and 1936. As such, the Vrenelis are denominated in the face values 20 Franc, 10 Franc and 100 Franc and have been minted in large numbers:

  • 20 Franc: 58.6 million
  • 10 Franc: 2.6 million
  • 100 Franc: 5000

With a share of more than 95% of the minted Helvetia gold coins, the 20 Franc is the most common and is the main choice among collectors and investors of Swiss bullion coins.

The coins’ legendary design goes back to a design contest that was held by the Federal Council in 1895. From a total of 21 suggestions, a depiction of Helvetia - the national symbol of Switzerland - by the Neuchâtel artist Fritz Ulyssee Landry made second place.

While the original design was criticised as being too romantic and too intrusive to win the contest, Landry’s revisited design was finally chosen for the coin.

It shows a female head, the Helvetia, with tresses and a garland of edelweiss. In the background, one can see the impressive alpine panorama of mountainous Switzerland. The Swiss cross is seen on the opposite side, surrounded by oak branches and the respective face value.

Although some conservative commentators still criticised the revisited design as too frivolous, it quickly gained immense popularity and the nickname “Vreneli”, the Swiss German diminutive for the German name “Verena”, was born.

Size and dimensions of Helvetia gold coins

Helvetia gold coins have a fineness of 900.0. These coins have a distinctive reddish shine due to the copper alloy they include.

What is the worth of Helvetia gold coins?

While Helvetia gold coins used to be a legal tender, nowadays the Helvetia is considered to be a bullion coin.

As such, the coin’s worth is mostly dependent on its metal value, i.e. the current market value of its fine weight. For example, the 20 Franc Helvetia has a current metal value of £277.25 (August 19, 2023) which is its current worth excluding the seller’s fee.

The current gold price can be seen here.

Is the Vreneli a good investment?

Globally speaking, gold coins and gold bars are liked by many investors due to their reputation as a good long-term investment and protection against inflation.

While past performance is not a guarantee for future yields, the gold price for 1 troy ounce went up by more than 60% during the last 5 years (denominated in GBP).

If you consider to buy Vreneli gold coins, among the factors to consider are:

  • Gold price: The main driver for the value of the Vreneli is its metal value, i.e the current worth of its fine weight.
  • Spread: Gold is usually sold at a slightly higher price than its actual market value. This is called the “spread” and covers the seller’s distribution costs and the profit margin.
  • Collector value: The collector's value is measured by the ideal value that collectors ascribe to a gold item. Key factors that increase the collectible value are the mint's popularity and rarity. You can find our gold coin collection here.

How to store Helvetia gold coins

We advise you to store Helvetia gold coins with great care:

  • It is recommended to wear cotton gloves when touching gold
  • We recommend to store the coins in particular storage items, such as blister cards and coin capsules

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Conclusion: Helvetia gold coins (“Vreneli”), a Swiss icon

The Helvetia is a Swiss icon among bullion coins. As a former legal tender of the Latin Monetary League, the Helvetia has a fineness of 900.0 and a rich history.

Its design goes back to the well known artist Fritz Ulyssee Landry and depicts the head of a young woman, the Helvetia/Vreneli. More than 61 million coins have been issued, while the 20 Franc version accounts for more than 95% of the market share.

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