50 Swiss Francs Gold Coin - Vreneli 100 years

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Historic Limited Edition Vreneli gold coin

This unique coin, designed by Remo Mascherini, was minted on May 11, 2022, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the last mintage of the famous Vreneli 10 franc coin.

Buy a piece of history with this new commemorative Limited Edition of the famous Vreneli coin.

The Swissmint minted and put into circulation the last Vreneli of 10 francs in 1922. Like the 20-franc Vreneli, the 10-franc Vreneli is still a popular gift today. It is famously said that almost everyone in Switzerland owns one or more Vreneli, some as first-time buyers, while others received theirs as family heirlooms from their parents or grandparents.

Vrenelis are coins that have stood the test of time through generations and you can now buy a brand new Vreneli coin and create an heirloom tradition for yourself or your family.

This coin, limited to only 4750 pieces, is available now on GOLD AVENUE in proof quality.

Characteristics of the Vreneli 50 Swiss Francs Gold Coin Vreneli 100 years

If you want to buy gold, this gold Vreneli is one of the most popular coins in the world. It weighs 0.3584 oz, or 10.161 grams of fine gold (for a total weight of 11.29g).

Obverse (front) side of the 50 Swiss Francs Vreneli 100 years

The obverse of this gold Vreneli coin features the famous bust of Vreneli, the charming "Swiss Miss" present on all Vreneli coins.

The bust is fitted inside the second zero of the number 100 representing the 100 years since the last minting of the famous 10 swiss francs Vreneli coin.

In front of her, we see the inscription “Confoederatio Helvetica”, and just underneath, we can see, separated by a vertical bar, the years 1911 and 1922, for the period when the Vreneli 10 franc coin was issued.

Reverse (back) side of the Vreneli 100 years 50 Swiss Francs Gold Coin

The reverse of this new edition of the Vreneli gold coin has kept the original design of the 10 Swiss Francs coin with two minor changes.

The upper part still shows the Swiss cross in the middle of a halo, with the 10 Fr denomination now changed to 50 Fr and the year to 2022.

The lower part still depicts branches with alpine rose and gentian blossoms.

How much is a 100 years Vreneli 50 Swiss Francs Gold Coin worth?

Given the worldwide popularity of the Vreneli coins, any new investor, coin collector or enthusiast would be glad to buy gold Vreneli, both as a collectible and a legal tender.

Handling and protecting a 50 Swiss Francs Gold Coin Vreneli 100 years

Protect your Vreneli 50 Swiss Francs Helvetia gold coin from fingerprints by using cotton gloves and handling your precious metal coin with care. You can also protect your coin by keeping it inside a transparent plastic case. This way, the coin will be displayed in a very elegant way and will also increase the value of your coin collection.

Investing in the Vreneli 50 Swiss Francs 100 years Gold Coin

This coin would be a wonderful and historic asset for any new investor, coin collector or hobbyist. Moreover, of all the precious metals in existence (e.g. silver, platinum, palladium, etc), gold is a prime safe haven for investors. Indeed, the price of this commodity has been maintained and increased over the last centuries.

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