Philharmonic Gold Coin

Philharmonic Gold Coin

The Philharmonic gold coin, also called “Wiener Philharmoniker coin” among savvy investors and collectors alike, is a very popular bullion coin, stemming from the Austrian Mint

This bullion coin has a fineness of 999.9, or 24 carats, placing the coin among other illustrious gold coins with the highest purity, such as the Canadian Maple Leaf or the Britannia series. 

Due to its unique design and rich heritage, the Philharmonic is sought-after by many international buyers.

Interesting facts about the Philharmonic gold coin

The Philharmonic gold coin - also known by its German name “Wiener Philharmoniker” - has a great reputation among investors and collectors, making it one of the most bought European bullion coins. 

Its reputation stems from its masterful display of craftsmanship and its purity of 999.9 or 24 carat. The design, a showcase of the instruments of the world famous Vienna Philharmonic, goes back to Thomas Pesendorfer and hasn’t changed since the coin was brought to the market in 1989

Originally, this bullion coin was only available in the denominations 1 oz and 1/4 oz; today, the denominations 1/25 oz, 1/10 and 1/2 ounce are available as well.

Vienna Philharmonic gold coins are accepted as a legal tender and have face values ranging from 4€ (1/25 oz) to 100€ (1 oz); however, due to its metal value, Philharmonics trade at much higher prices. 

Fun fact: According to the Austrian Mint, if all Philharmonics ever sold were to be piled on top of each other, they would surpass the height of Mount Everest by more than 6,100 meters!

Philharmonic gold coins: sizes, dimensions and weight   

The Vienna Philharmonic is available in the denominations 1/25 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1 oz. Each of these denominations has a purity of 999.9 (24 carats):

  • 1/25 oz gold coin: 13.00 mm, fine weight 1.24 g 
  • 1/10 oz gold coin: 16.00 mm, fine weight 3.11 g 
  • 1/4 oz gold coin: 22.00 mm, fine weight 7.78 g
  • 1/2 oz gold coin: 28.00 mm, fine weight 15.55 g
  • 1 oz gold coin: 37.00 mm, fine weight 31.10 g

How much are Philharmonic gold coins worth?

To answer this question, it is important to understand the difference between face value and metal value. 

As a legal tender, Philharmonic gold coins have their face values “printed” onto the coin, ranging from 4€ (1/25 oz) to 100€ (1 oz). If you were to use the gold coins to make a payment, let’s say in a supermarket, the imprinted face value would be equal to the worth of the coin.

However, Philharmonic gold coins are made of pure gold and hence have a metal value much higher than their respective face values. For example, the popular 1 oz Gold Philharmonic has a metal value of £1,496.27 as of August 15, 2023.

The metal value is equal to the spot price of gold and typically, the Philharmonic gold coin will trade around the current price level (excluding the spread, also called fees or “premium” that gold dealers charge to sell the coin to you).

What other Austrian gold coins exist?

Although the Philharmonic gold coin is surely the most popular Austrian Mint coin, there are “alternatives”. Among the other Austrian gold coins are: The Ducat, Crown, Gulden and the Maria Theresa Taler.

The Philharmonic is also available in:

Are Philharmonic gold coins a good investment?

For investors, gold might be an interesting long-term investment. During the last 5 years, gold prices went up by more than 60% (denominated in GBP).

People looking to buy gold should - among other things - look out for these factors:

  • Current gold prices: Current gold prices are a function of supply and demand in the market. The current gold price is equal to the metal value of gold coins and gold bars.
  • Spread: Gold dealers usually add a fee on top of the metal value. This spread covers the production and distribution costs and allows the seller to make a profit.
  • Collector value: Collectors ascribe an “ideal” value to gold items. Key factors that increase the collectible value are the mint's popularity and rarity.

Gold bars tend to have a smaller spread than gold coins, whereas gold coins due to their artistry tend to have a higher collector value.  

The right storage for Philharmonic gold coins

Here are our tips to store Philharmonic gold coins properly:

  • It is recommended to wear cotton gloves in order to avoid stains;
  • The coins should be stored in particular storage boxes, such as blister cards or coin capsules

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Conclusion: Philharmonic gold coins

Philharmonic gold coins are among Europe’s most popular bullion coins and are denominated in various sizes ranging from 1/25 oz to 1 oz. All Philharmonics have a fineness of 999.9 or 24 carats, making them an excellent choice for those who wish to buy gold of the highest purity.

Philharmonic gold coins are LBMA and OECD certified and struck by the prestigious Austrian Mint.

Key figures:

  • Fineness of 999.9 (24 carat)
  • A popular bullion coin among international buyers
  • Minted by the Austrian Mint (“Münze Österreich AG”)
  • Accepted as a legal tender
  • Unique design


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