1/4 ounce Gold Coin - Philharmonic


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Characteristics of the 1/4 oz Philharmonic gold coin

Introduced in 1989, the Vienna Philharmonic coin is a prized addition to the Austrian Mint's enduring collection. Renowned for its pure gold content of 0.9999, this coin has held the title of Europe's best-selling coin for multiple years.

The reverse of the 1/4 oz Philharmonic gold coin

Crafted by Thomas Pesendorfer, chief engraver of the Austrian Mint, the coin features classical musical instruments on the reverse, mirroring those in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

The obverse of the 1/4 oz Philharmonic gold coin

The obverse side showcases the iconic Goldener Saal pipe organ from the Viennese Musikverein, adorned with the engraving "Republik Oesterreich" above the organ. Below, details such as the coin's weight, purity, and date of issue are elegantly displayed.

Why invest in the 1/4 oz Philharmonic gold coin

Guaranteed by the Austrian Mint, the Vienna Philharmonic coins have consistently been top sellers globally. This revered collection, akin to the famed Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, underscores gold's status as the most esteemed precious metal. During times of instability, gold has been observed to safeguard investor fortunes, making it a historically regarded investment and a recognized safe haven.

The Philharmonic gold coin is also available in other weights:

How to preserve your 1/4 oz Philharmonic gold coin

To preserve the pristine condition of your 1/4 oz gold coin, handle it with care, preferably with cotton gloves to prevent fingerprints. Further protection can be achieved by storing the coin in a clear plastic capsule, enhancing its visual appeal and adding value to your coin collection.

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