Kangaroo Silver Coins

Kangaroo Silver Coins

Investing in precious metals has always been a smart way to diversify your investments, and many investors like to invest in silver coins for their high quality, flexibility, and global recognition. Kangaroo silver coins are among the most well-known coins in the world and can be a great choice for both experienced and new investors entering the world of precious metals.









What are Kangaroo Silver Coins?

Kangaroo Silver coins, also known as Silver Nuggets, are exquisite 0.9999 pure silver bullion coins minted and launched by the Perth Mint. The Perth Mint, in operation since 1899, is one of the oldest and most trusted mints globally, adding to the attractiveness and reliability of Kangaroo silver coins.

Why Should You Start Investing in Silver Kangaroos?

Investing in Silver Kangaroos presents a range of advantages that make them an appealing option for investors. Here are some reasons why you might consider adding silver Kangaroo coins to your investment portfolio:

Intrinsic Value

Silver Kangaroos have intrinsic value due to their silver content. Silver is a precious metal that has been valued throughout history for various uses, including currency, jewelry, and industrial applications.

Collector's Appeal

Silver Kangaroo coins are not only valued for their metal content but also for their collector's appeal. The unique design featuring the iconic kangaroo is attracting collectors in addition to precious metal investors.

Government Backing

The Silver Kangaroo is produced by the Perth Mint, a renowned mint backed by the Western Australian government. This government backing adds a layer of trust and authenticity to the coins.

Legal Tender Status

Silver Kangaroo coins are recognized as legal tender in Australia, with face values denominated in Australian dollars. This legal tender status provides an additional level of assurance and government support.

Limited Mintage

Some editions of Silver Kangaroos may have limited mintage, making them potentially more valuable to collectors over time. Limited availability can contribute to increased demand and collector interest.

Global Recognition

While Silver Kangaroos have Australian origins, they enjoy global recognition and acceptance. This makes them a versatile choice for international investors seeking exposure to the silver market.

Silver Kangaroos vs. Other Silver Coins

Silver Kangaroos stand out from other collections of silver coins thanks to their unique features. Here's a closer look at what makes these coins unique:

Dynamic Australian Design

Silver Kangaroos: have a unique design with Australia's kangaroo on each coin.

Other silver coins: designs can be quite different, showing historical figures, national symbols, or cultural things from the country that made the coin.

Purity and Weight Standards

Silver Kangaroos: Made with really pure silver, usually 99.9%, making them high-quality in the precious metals world.

Legal Tender Status

Silver Kangaroos: Official money in Australia, with values in Australian dollars, so they're real and backed by the government.

Global Recognition

Silver Kangaroos: investors around the world like them, not just in Australia.

Sizes and Varieties

Silver Kangaroos: available in various sizes, offering flexibility for investors with different budget considerations. Whether in 1 oz silver coins or fractional sizes, Kangaroo coins offer versatility in investment choices.

Other silver coins: some other coins, often the most popular ones, also come in various sizes and designs. However, 1 oz silver coins remain the most popular coins for investors and collectors alike.

What are VAT-Free Silver Products?

Investing in silver is often seen as a good way to diversify an existing precious metals portfolio, or as a good and affordable entry-point into precious metals. VAT-Free silver coins, including the silver Kangaroo coins, offer a tax-efficient investment option for investors. On our website you can buy these coins VAT-free if you choose to store them in our secure vaults. You can get them delivered at any time or sell them back to us commission-free.

Explore the opportunity to invest in silver with Kangaroo Silver coins and don’t forget to stay informed on the silver price before making investment decisions.

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