1 ounce Silver Coin - Perth Mint Kangaroo BU


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Due to its popularity and legal tender value, this 1 oz Australian silver coin can stand out in your collection and diversify your portfolio.

With a purity of 999.9‰ and VAT-free advantage, you can add this Australian kangaroo coin to your precious metals collection and save up to 20% (depending on your region) on VAT.

Characteristics of the 1 oz Kangaroo silver coin

As part of Australia’s signature bullion coin series, this 1 oz silver coin is a tribute to the gorgeous kangaroo, Australia’s animal emblem.

What makes this coin extra special is that it’s VAT-free because it’s stored in a Swiss Freeport - an economic area where the Swiss VAT on precious metals does not apply.

And just like all our other products, this 1 oz silver coin is stored outside the banking system. You can also resell this silver bullion to us at any time, commission-free.

This legal tender silver coin, produced by the esteemed Perth Mint, not only holds intrinsic metal value but is also backed by Australia’s government.

The silver coin has a diameter of 40.90 mm and a thickness of 3.50 mm. It weighs 31.10 g and has a purity level of 999.9‰

The obverse of the 1 oz kangaroo silver coin

On the front side of the coin, you’ll see the classic design of a leaping kangaroo with the rays of sunlight surrounding the animal. Around the coin's edges, you’ll find the inscription “Australian Kangaroo” with its year of mintage, purity level, and weight.

The reverse of the 1 oz kangaroo silver coin

As you turn the coin around, you’ll find the official effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. On the edges of the coin, you will see the inscription "Elizabeth II" along with the dates of her reign from 1952 to 2022. Also, the coin displays a face value of $1 and the country of origin, Australia.

As a security feature, the coin also has a micro-laser engraved letter to prevent counterfeiting.

Why invest in the 1 oz Kangaroo silver coin?

If you’re looking to buy silver for your savings, here’s why the 1 oz Kangaroo silver coin can be a great choice:

Firstly, you save on VAT as this silver coin is stored in a secure Swiss freeport. You can sell it back to us at any time with 0% commission.

Secondly, as this legal tender silver coin is produced by the prestigious Perth Mint, it not only holds intrinsic metal value but also carries the guarantee of the Australian government.

Finally, the Australian kangaroo 1 oz silver coin is also great for diversifying your precious metal holdings or if you’re kickstarting your journey into silver savings.

If you’re after something a bit different to diversify your portfolio, you can check out our selection of silver bars.

What is the best way to store your 1 oz Kangaroo silver coin?

If you’re wondering how or where to store your VAT-free 1 oz silver coin - it’s quite simple, as we take care of that for you.

Because this coin is part of our VAT-free products, it’s only available for storage at our secure facilities. Your 1 oz silver coin will be stored at the Swiss Freeport, making it exempt from VAT as it’s in a tax-free economic area.

You can store your products with us for free (up to €10,000/£8,500) and resell to us at any time, 24/7, commission-free.

Before you resell your silver, it’s a good idea to check the day’s silver prices so you make an informed decision.

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