1 oz silver coins

1 oz silver coins

Within our wide range of silver coins, we have selected the best 1 ounce coins to add to your precious metals savings or collection.

Our coins are produced by world-renowned mints, including the British Royal Mint, U.S. Mint, and Canadian Mint.

You have the option to store them with us for free (up to £8,500) or get them delivered to your door. If you decide to store with us, you have the flexibility to resell to us instantly at any time, commission-free.









What is a 1 oz silver coin?

Our 1 oz coins are made up of fine silver with a purity of 99.90% or higher.

They’re produced by well-known international mints, like the Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Austrian Mint, and U.S. Mint.

Some of these coins are also limited edition coins, meaning that you can be one of the lucky few around the world to own these rare coins, such as the 1 oz Nutcracker mouse silver coin.

So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor, these coins can be suitable to start saving in precious metals or to diversify your portfolio.

Benefits of investing in 1 oz silver coins

There are multiple benefits to investing in 1 oz silver coins.

Firstly, all our coins are made up of fine silver with a purity of 99.90% or higher, and they’re produced by highly esteemed international mints, ensuring their high quality and authenticity.

Secondly, 1 oz silver coins can be highly sought after for their cultural or historical value. Some are also limited edition silver coins, making them more valuable among collectors.

Thirdly, like other precious metals, silver coins are a tangible asset with an intrinsic value, unlike stocks and bonds.

Lastly, you might like to invest in silver coins to diversify your precious metals holdings and to have some flexibility when it comes to reselling part of your savings.

How to buy 1 oz silver coins?

You can easily and securely buy 1 oz silver coins through our website.

We offer multiple payment options, giving you the flexibility and convenience to start saving in silver from the comfort of your own home.

With access to buy the 1 oz silver coin at any time, you can make your purchase with just a simple click of a button.

And if you’re interested in specific coin collections such as the silver Canadian Maple Leaf, the silver American Eagle or the silver Britannia, you can check our silver coins collection range.

Here are some examples of different silver coins collections with 1 oz products:

What is the value of a 1 oz silver coin?

The cost of a 1 oz silver coin depends on the global silver spot price.

To calculate the price of a silver coin, you can multiply its silver content by the current silver spot price and then include any charges, known as the “fees” or “premium.”

Another way is to check the product’s page, where you can access its current value with a single click. Once you select the price, you'll find the following breakdown:

  • Total cost
  • Metal price: the intrinsic value of the silver (also useful when you plan to sell your coin)
  • Fees: any additional charges (such as production costs or our margin)
  • VAT: if you want your coin delivered, this will depend on your location. Note that GOLD AVENUE also offers VAT-FREE silver.

Since silver prices shift daily, it's a good idea to check the silver price before making your purchase so you make an informed decision.

How to store and protect your 1 oz silver coins

You can store your 1 oz silver coins with us in our secure vaults that are independent of the banking system in Switzerland. Storage is free (up to £8,500), and you can resell your stored products to us instantly, at any time, commission-free.

But if you decide to have them shipped to you, ensure you handle your coins carefully by wearing cotton gloves. It’s also a good idea to keep them inside a protective sleeve to avoid any marks, scratches or damage.