United States Mint Silver

United States Mint Silver

"The United States Mint (sometimes abbreviated US Mint) is the agency responsible for producing the currency currently in circulation in the United States. The largest US Mint facility is located in Philadelphia, with the Denver facility currently being added. The US Mint was established by the US Congress on April 2, 1792, under the presidency of George Washington.

In 1799, the agency became independent and was assigned to the supervision of the US Treasury Department in 1873.

Among other things, the US Mint produces the famous "American Silver Eagle" coin.

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Silver $22.60 $22.68 ($0.06)

Sold to collectors and investors around the world, the silver coins produced by the US Mint are magnificent works of art in precious metals. On our website you can find the one-ounce (31.10 gram) silver American eagle.

These silver coins offer investors a convenient and inexpensive way to purchase silver to complement their investment portfolio. The price of the coins depends on the price of silver.