Obverse (front) side of the 1 oz  American Eagle silver coin
Obverse (front) side of the 1 oz  American Eagle silver coin

1 ounce Silver Coin - American Eagle BU


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If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio and add some silver to your savings, the 1 oz American Eagle silver coin can be a good choice.

Characteristics of a 1 oz American Eagle silver coin

The United States Mint produces this beautiful legal tender 1 ounce American Eagle silver coin. It has a diameter of 40.60 mm, a thickness of 2.98 mm, and weighs 31.10 grams. With its fine silver purity of 99.90%, the American Eagle silver coin is a shining example of excellent artistry and craftsmanship.

The coin bears a $1 face value but due to its status and purity level, the value is much higher.

Obverse (front) side of the 1 oz American Eagle silver coin

The front features the Walking Liberty, a symbol of freedom. The design was created by Adolph Weinman and was originally used on the Half Dollar coins issued from 1916 to 1947. The design was part of a strategy by President Theodore Roosevelt to improve the standards of American coinage.

Reverse (back) side of the 1 oz American Eagle silver coin

The reverse features the majestic American eagle behind a shield, representing strength, freedom, power, and pride. The artist behind this beautiful eagle is John Mercanti, who skillfully depicted the proud eagle.

You can also see the engraving “United States of America” along with its weight, face value, and “fine silver” around the edges of the reverse side.

Why is the 1 oz American Eagle silver coin VAT-free?

These 1 oz silver coins are stored in a tax-free economic area in Switzerland and are part of our VAT-free product range. This means that your 1 oz American Eagle silver coin won’t be subject to any VAT upon purchase, allowing you to save up to 20% VAT.

You can store your VAT-free silver coins for as long as you wish, and once you’re ready to resell, you can do so instantly and commission-free. We buy your silver at the spot price, this is why it can be a good idea to check the live silver price before deciding to sell or buy more.

Are American Eagle silver coins a good investment?

You might want to buy these 1 oz silver coins for several reasons:

  1. The 1 oz American Eagle silver coin is a legal tender meaning its authenticity and quality have been backed by the American government. And while the face value of the coin is $1, its value is a lot more due to its purity level and status.
  2. You can take advantage of the coin’s VAT-free status. Usually, when you buy silver bars or coins, you pay VAT but with this coin, you can take advantage of its VAT-free status. You can benefit from any potential increase in the silver price, instead of waiting for it to offset VAT costs.
  3. Silver is a tangible asset with intrinsic value that can be held and touched. Silver has a finite quantity and is heavily used in various industries, which not only adds to its value but also contributes to its appeal among investors.
  4. Depending on your investment goals, you can diversify your precious metals savings with this American Eagle silver coin.

How much is a 1 oz American Eagle silver coin worth?

The worth of a coin depends on several factors. Here’s a breakdown of the elements that will allow you to work out the price of a 1 ounce silver coin.

  • Metal value - this is the amount you’ll receive when you resell your coin. You can calculate the metal value by multiplying the coin’s weight by the current silver price.
  • Fees or premium - this is added to the metal value and takes into account the production costs, logistics, and our margin.
  • VAT - since silver is viewed as a commodity, it’s subject to VAT. Luckily for you, the 1 oz American Eagle silver coin is free from VAT because of its storage location (in a free economic zone).

For an easier and quicker way to view the price of a 1 oz American Eagle silver coin, click on the price details to see a detailed live breakdown.

Once you buy silver and store it with us, you can use the real-time performance tool in your Wallet to keep an eye on your products. This will help you decide when to sell your coins or buy more.

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