1 ounce Silver Coin - Britannia Charles III - 2023 BU


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Characteristics of the 1 oz Britannia Charles III silver coin

The silver one-ounce Britannia Charles III coin was issued by Royal Mint. This coin features the effigy of King Charles III, son of the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and has a fineness of 999‰. It measures 38.61mm in diameter and weighs 31.1035g, with a face value of £2.

This is the first British silver coin adorned with the portrait of the newly crowned Charles III.

Obverse (front) side of the 1 oz Britannia Charles III silver coin

The British artist and sculptor Martin Jennings was tasked with designing the portrait of the new Sovereign that adorns this one ounce silver Britannia coin. To achieve this, he drew inspiration from numerous images of the King.

On this one ounce silver Britannia coin, the portrait of Charles III looks to the left and is without a crown, which represents a major departure from previous years, which depicted the Queen in her right profile, and crowned.

On the edge of the one ounce silver Britannia coin Charles III, you will find the inscriptions "CHARLES III D · G · REX · F · D" and "2 POUNDS" (the face value guaranteed by the Royal Mint).

Reverse (back) side of the 1 oz Britannia Charles III silver coin

The reverse of the one-ounce silver coin Britannia Charles III depicts, as the name suggests, Britannia. This female figure symbolizes the British nation, wearing a helmet and proudly holding a shield in her left hand and a trident in her right hand. The inscriptions "BRITANNIA 2023", "1 OZ", and "999.9 FINE SILVER" are engraved around the coin.

The design of the reverse is particularly intricate, with the fine details being the result of a technical feat that makes counterfeiting this silver coin extremely difficult. For example, there is a hologram in the bottom left corner and the barely visible inscription "Decus et Tutamen".

How much the 1 oz Britannia Charles III silver coin is worth?

Just like the gold coin, the silver version of the Britannia Charles III is made of 999‰ pure silver. To calculate the price of the one-ounce silver Britannia Charles III coin, simply divide the weight of the coin by the current silver price. Like all collector's gold coins, a premium can also impact its cost.

As silver is a more volatile precious metal than gold, its price can fluctuate more significantly. Stay informed to buy at the best price!

Handling and protecting the 1 oz Britannia Charles III silver coin

The one-ounce silver Britannia Charles III coin is a collectible item. Beyond its intrinsic value, determined by its weight and silver content, it is likely to appreciate in value over the decades.

This premium, or value, is determined in part by the coin's popularity on the numismatic market, but also by its condition. It is therefore best to handle it with cotton gloves and store it in a protective case to protect it.

Investing in the 1 oz Britannia Charles III silver coin

The one-ounce silver Britannia Charles III coin is an excellent investment for those looking to discover precious metals and diversify their portfolio. Silver is by far the most affordable precious metal on the market, making it accessible to a wide range of investors.

The good news is that silver is increasingly in demand by industries. In response to this growing demand over the past few decades, the price of silver has appreciated significantly, with a dramatic increase in value as early as the 2020s.

Investing in the 1 ounce Britannia Charles III coin also means saving up to 20% on VAT. This is because the coin will be stored in a Swiss Freeport, an economic area that is exempt from VAT.

How to store your 1 oz Britannia Charles III silver coin

Storing your 1 oz silver coin is quite simple and straightforward with our unique storage solution. They’ll be stored in a tax-free economic zone in Switzerland.

You can store your silver with us for free (up to £8,500) and hassle-free. Our Swiss vaults are secure, independent of the banking system and inaccessible to the public. They’re also insured against any potential theft, loss and damages.

When you’re ready to resell your 1 oz coin, you can do so instantly, with 24/7 access. We buy back your coin at the spot price without any extra fees or commission.

If you’re unsure when to sell your coin, you can track the live value of your coins in your Wallet.

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