1 oz Fine VAT FREE Silver Coin 999.0 - Philharmonic BU Mixed Years front side
1 oz Fine VAT FREE Silver Coin 999.0 - Philharmonic BU Mixed Years front side
1 oz Fine VAT FREE Silver Coin 999.0 - Philharmonic BU Mixed Years back side

1 ounce Silver Coin - Philharmonic BU


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Classed as legal tender in Austria, the Philharmonic series is currently the only European bullion coin with a face value in Euros.

You can add this 1 oz silver coin to your investment portfolio as a way to diversify your savings and save up to 20% on VAT.

Characteristics of the 1 oz Philharmonic silver coin

Crafted with meticulous details, the Philharmonic coin series pays tribute to Austria’s rich musical heritage.

The 1 oz Philharmonic coin has a diameter of 37 mm and a thickness of 3.2 mm and is made out of 99.90% fine silver. It bears the signature design of chief engraver Thomas Pesendorfer, inspired by the iconic Vienna Philharmonic orchestra.

The coin’s obverse side features the great organ from the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein. Below the organ, you’ll see the weight (1 ounce of fine silver), the issuing country, the year of issue, and the official face value of 1.50 euros.

The reverse displays a variety of musical instruments, including the harp, violin, cello, flute, and French horn. These instruments symbolize the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, a world-famous ensemble. With a slight difference from the gold variant, this coin has the “silver” stamped in small letters under the words “Wiener Philharmoniker.”

Are Austrian 1 oz silver philharmonics a good investment?

When you choose the Vienna Philharmonic silver coin, you can benefit from several advantages:

First, it’s a legal tender with Austrian Mint backing. This silver coin is recognized as legal tender and produced by the esteemed Austrian Mint, guaranteeing high-quality fine silver coins. The mint is also under the ownership of the Austrian government, so its authenticity and purity are guaranteed, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Secondly, silver is a tangible asset - something you can physically touch and feel. Unlike traditional currencies, which can lose its value over time and be printed in unlimited quantities, silver is a finite resource, enhancing its intrinsic value.

Lastly, you can diversify your portfolio by adding these 1 oz Philharmonic silver coins. Depending on your investment strategy, they add variety to your investment portfolio.

How much is a 1 oz silver Philharmonic coin worth?

You can easily check the total price of a 1 oz silver coin in the details section by clicking on the price of the coin.

You’ll find a breakdown of the following:

Metal value - To calculate the metal value, you can multiply the current silver spot price by the weight of the coin (1 troy ounce or 31.10 grams). This is how much you’ll receive if you resell this product to us. We don’t charge any commission on the buyback, so you’ll receive the full metal value.

Fees - They’re also known as “premium” and take into account our margin, production, and operational costs.

VAT - Usually, you pay VAT on silver, but since this 1 oz silver Philharmonic is exempt from any VAT, you can save up to 20%.

What is the best way to store your 1 oz Philharmonic silver coin?

We take care of storing your 1 oz Philharmonic silver coin for you. These coins will be stored in the Swiss Freeport - a region that is exempt from VAT.

We offer a unique and affordable storage solution, meaning you can store your precious metals with us for free (up to €10,000/£8,500). They’re independent from the banking system and insured against any potential theft, loss, or damage.

When you’re ready to resell your coins, you can do so instantly using our secure website. We buy back your coins at the current metal value and charge no extra fees or commission.

Before reselling your silver coins, it’s a good idea to check the day’s silver price to make an informed decision.

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