Silver coins collection

Silver coins collection

Looking to buy silver? Explore the captivating historical significance and brilliance of our silver coin collection as you search for valuable additions to your investment portfolio.









The history of silver coins

Silver coins not only shimmer as precious metals but also carry stores of different cultures and different eras.

They've journeyed through time, starting as tender in civilizations like ancient Rome, and evolving to modern mints to commemorate events like the coronation of King Charles III.

Throughout the years, their value has shown remarkable stability, underscoring the idea that silver coins aren't just a piece of history but a reliable avenue for saving and investment

Explore our selection of silver bullion coins, featuring coins with a purity level of at least 999.0‰ (silver coins 999).

Understanding the different types of silver coins

Silver coins come in various sizes and designs. Whether you prefer the dainty elegance of one-ounce editions or the robust presence of 1 kilo champions, there's a size and design to suit your fancy.

The best silver coin collections

From the iconic silver Maple Leaf, a symbol of Canadian pride, to the harmonious notes of the silver Philharmonic, each coin tells a unique story.

The designs on silver coins are a perfect blend of culture, history, and symbolism. Each motif carries its own significance, often reflecting the heritage and values of the issuing nation.

Maple Leaf

The silver Maple Leaf is an iconic bullion coin produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.

First, this coin is known for its high level of purity: it’s 999.9% pure silver, which is practically as pure as it gets for silver coins.

Second, Canadian Maple Leaf coins are legal tender in Canada, which means they have a face value. However, their intrinsic metal value far exceeds the face value, making them more valuable as an investment in precious metals.

Third, the Maple Leaf coin features a simple yet elegant design. The obverse side typically displays an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, and the reverse side features a detailed and instantly recognizable image of a maple leaf, Canada's national emblem. This iconic design makes it easily distinguishable and attractive to many collectors and investors.

Silver Philharmonic

The Austrian silver Philharmonic pays tribute to Vienna's musical heritage, celebrating the harmonious power of music. It features key instruments from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, including violins, a cello, a horn, a harp, and a bassoon.

Struck in pure, 999.0% silver, these coins are as clear and bright as a perfectly tuned trumpet. And they're legal tender in Austria, with a nominal face value, although its intrinsic value as a silver bullion coin far exceeds its face value.

Moreover, the coin is recognized and accepted in the global precious metals market, facilitating its trade and resale worldwide. Its reputation for quality and purity has helped establish it as a respected choice among precious metal investors and collectors.

Silver American Eagle

The silver American Eagle proudly embodies the nation's heritage. It features Lady Liberty, which represents freedom and opportunity on the obverse. The reverse features majestic bald eagle wings spread wide, clutching an olive branch and arrows as another symbol of peace and strength.

It is minted by the United States Mint as a 1 oz silver coin of 999.0% fine silver. Although the coin's face value is $1, its silver value far surpasses that.

Silver Krugerrand

The South African Silver Krugerrand features a portrait of Paul Kruger, a South African hero, on one side and a graceful springbok antelope on the other. It is an embodiment of South African history and nature all in one.

Struck in pure silver, it is a legal tender coin in South Africa, so you can say you've got a piece of the rainbow nation right in your hand.

Many investors choose silver Krugerrand coins as a way to diversify their portfolios. as silver is often considered a hedge against economic uncertainties and inflation, and these coins provide a tangible means of investing in precious metals.

Silver Britannia

The British Silver Britannia embodies strength and sovereignty. It features Britannia, the warrior queen herself, on one side. She's armed with a trident and a shield, ready to take on the high seas. And on the flip side, Queen Elizabeth II graces the coin, giving it even more of a regal presence.

Struck in 999.0% pure silver, it shines as bright as the Crown Jewels. The Britannia is not just a coin, it's a piece of British pride, a symbol of strength, and the perfect addition to your silver coin collection and precious metals savings.

Australian silver Kangaroo

The Australian silver Kangaroo features a snapshot of the country’s wildlife. There is a kangaroo mid-bounce on one side and a bust of Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse.

Struck by The Perth Mint, the design of the kangaroo changes annually, so there are lots of Australian silver coins to collect. Its face value is $1 as it is legal tender in Australia. However, its actual value is far more to coin collectors and investors in silver.

Noah’s Arc Armenia silver coins

Noah’s Arc Armenia silver coins feature a distinctive and globally recognizable design depicting the biblical story of Noah's Ark, with a large ark and animals on the reverse side. This theme sets them apart from other bullion coins and appeals to collectors and investors interested in both precious metals and religious or historical symbolism.

Silver coins Armenia are crafted in 999.0% pure silver, are legal tender in Armenia, and can be bought VAT-free.

Discover our limited edition silver coins

Limited edition silver coins usually feature designs that commemorate special events, like the coronation of Charles III or pay homage to significant figures. But what makes them even more exciting is their exclusivity.

Because they are minted in such limited numbers, they are sought after by collectors and investors alike. This collector’s status often means they have more potential to appreciate over time.

We offer a selection of limited edition silver coins, including the 1 oz Nutcracker, Liberty Bell, and 1 oz Fender coins.

Store your silver coin collection safely

To maintain the value of your silver investment, you should store your coins appropriately.

  • Use coin capsules, albums, or specially designed storage boxes to ensure they remain in pristine condition.
  • Install a safe if you are storing your coins at home. This will keep them secure and away from extreme temperatures and sunlight.
  • Or, consider storing your silver coins in our secure Swiss vaults. Storing your precious metals with us means that you can be sure that they are safe, insured, and kept in pristine condition 24/7. When you store your silver coins with us, you have the flexibility to sell them back to us any time at the spot price, and we charge no commission fees.

Selling your silver coins: what you need to know

If you want to sell your silver coins, it's essential to stay informed about the market and current silver prices. While silver has historically maintained its value, market prices do fluctuate. Keeping an eye on market trends can help you determine the optimal moment to sell.

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