1 oz Fine Silver Coin VAT-Free 999.0 - Noah's Ark Armenia Mixed Years

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  • Year:

    Mixed Years
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  • Weight (g):

    31.10 g
  • Weight (oz):

    1.000 oz
  • Diameter:

    38.60 mm

Origins of the Armenian silver coin: Noah’s Ark

As a legal tender in Armenia, the production of 1 oz silver coins Noah’s Ark, started in 2011, is subject to the strict requirements of the Armenian Central Bank. The weight, purity, and quality of the coin are checked and guaranteed by the State of Armenia.

History of the silver Noah’s Ark coin

The history of this silver coin has its origins in the Bible.

According to the Bible, Noah’s Ark was stranded in Mount Ararat after the Flood, while a Persian legend refers to Ararat as the cradle of the human race.

Armenia’s local tradition maintains that the Ark still lies on the summit of Mount Ararat, but that God has declared it invisible.

But some explorers who have reached the summit of the mountain allegedly claimed to have sighted the remains of the Ark.

Mount Ararat is the Armenian national symbol and forms a central part of the Armenian Coat of Arms.