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1 ounce Silver Coin - Noah's Ark Armenia


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Characteristics of the Noah's Ark Armenia silver coin

The 1 oz Noah's Ark fine silver coin is issued by the Central Bank of Armenia and is a legal tender in the Republic of Armenia.

This 1 oz silver coin was first launched in 2011. Since then, it has established itself well in the global market and has been a popular choice among precious metal investors.

Obverse (front) of the Noah’s Ark silver coin

The obverse of the coin features the Armenian Coat of Arms, face value in Armenian Dram, as well as the purity, the weight, and the year of issue of the coin. The lettering “Republic of Armenia” in Armenian and English languages surrounds the ensemble.

Reverse (back) of the Noah’s Ark silver coin

The reverse of this popular coin features Noah’s Ark, a white dove with an olive branch in its beak as a symbol of peace, and Mount Ararat with a rising sun in the background. The edge of the coin has the lettering “Noah's Ark” in Armenian and English.

Why is the Silver Armenian Noah's Ark coin VAT-FREE?

This 1 oz silver coin is a special VAT-FREE product stored in a secure Swiss Freeport: an economic area where the 8.1% Swiss VAT on precious metals does not apply. It is therefore exempt from the 8.1% Swiss VAT rate and stored outside the banking system. You can resell this product to us 24/7, instantly, and without commission (0%).

Invest in the Noah’s Ark silver coin

These silver coins make an ideal investment, or perhaps a perfect addition to your precious metals collection. As a physical, allocated asset, and a national coin with historical and face value, silver bullion coins such as Noah’s Ark are unlikely to lose their value over time and can be a way to protect your wealth against inflation or economic crisis.

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