Fine Gold Coin 900.0 - 20 Swiss Francs Helvetia Vreneli Mixed Years

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This gold coin of 0.1867 ounce (oz) gold, or 5.81 grams (g), "Swiss 20 Francs Helvetia Vreneli" is one of the most popular coins in the world, because of its rich history and its elegant representation of Switzerland.

This 0.1867 oz (5.81g) coin is a wise investment compared to many other gold coins available on the market. It's the perfect choice for those on a modest budget who still want to buy physical gold at an affordable price, either for themselves or as a gift. These gold coins are also attractive to investors because they are guaranteed by the Swiss government for their weight and purity (0.90 pure gold). This coin would be a wonderful and historic addition to any new investor, coin collector or enthusiast. In addition, among all existing precious metals (eg silver, platinum, palladium, etc.), gold is a leading safe haven for investors. Indeed, the price of this commodity has been maintained and appreciated over the last centuries.

The coin, designed by Fritz Landry, shows the "Miss Switzerland", in the foreground of the famous Swiss Alps. The "Miss Switzerland" is an allegorical female figure considered as the national symbol of Switzerland. The word 'Helvetia' is engraved at the top of the room. On the reverse, we can see the Swiss coat of arms. This side also contains the value, the purity (0.90 fine gold) and the date of issue of the coin. This elegant design was so popular that it was reproduced many times.

Protect your gold coin "Swiss 20 Francs Helvetia Vreneli" against fingerprints by using cotton gloves and handling your precious metal coin carefully. You can also protect your coin by keeping it inside a clear plastic capsule. In this way, the coin will be displayed in a very elegant way, and will also increase the value of your coin collection.

  • Product ID: XAU0040702P
  • Year: 1897 - 1949
  • Mint Mark: Swiss Mint
  • Purity: 0.9000
  • Weight (g): 5.81 g
  • Weight (oz): 0.18670 oz
  • Diameter: 21.00 mm

The story of this coin dates back more than 100 years. It represented the independence of Switzerland and its sovereignty. Helvetia, the female personification of Switzerland represented on this coin, is often compared to that of Lady Liberty of the United States.