500 gram Silver Bar - PAMP Suisse


The 500 gram (16.07 ounces) silver bullion produced by PAMP is one of the world's best-selling silver bars.

PAMP Suisse is a world-renowned leader in the precious metals industry for its high-end bars. Throughout history, the price of silver has maintained its value, and it remains one of the best ways to preserve its heritage. The purchase of a PAMP Suisse silver bullion is the ideal opportunity to build a diversified portfolio and gain long-term value. Just like the PAMP silver coins, this unique 500 gram silver bar would make a great addition to any precious metals investor, collector, or simply a passionate admirer. With stunning quality and timeless design, their silver bars are unique.

Products at the heart of the precious metals industry - in Suisse, all silver bullion products contain their own serial number. Each silver bar is unique and they are decorated with the PAMP logo, consisting of 4 circles, each containing respectively a letter of the word PAMP. The bar also contains information on their purity (0.999 pure silver) and bar weight.

Always be sure to protect your investments against fingerprints. We strongly recommend that you wear cotton gloves when handling your precious metal to protect it from scratches or damage.

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