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Carbon Measured 1 kg gold bar

Developed by MKS PAMP, this 1 kg gold bar has been certified as Carbon Measured by the Carbon Trust since June 2022.

The Carbon Measured label indicates that the CO2 emissions generated across the product’s entire value chain have been measured and independently certified by the Carbon Trust in accordance with the internationally recognized standard ISO 14067

About the Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust is a global climate consultancy driven by the mission to accelerate the
move to a decarbonized future.

The Carbon Trust has been pioneering decarbonization for more than 20 years for businesses, governments, and organizations. As a leader in carbon footprinting, the Carbon Trust certifies products, organizations, and value chains around the world.

To be certified as Carbon Measured by the Carbon Trust, MKS PAMP products undergo a full carbon footprinting process, where emissions are measured across the products’ value chain and then disclosed on the certificate.

For more information, please visit the MKS PAMP Carbon Neutral Gold page.

1 kg gold bar - PAMP Suisse

This gold bullion is meticulously crafted by MKS PAMP Suisse in Canton Ticino, Switzerland, right in the heart of Europe. Each bar displays the weight and purity of PAMP gold. The iconic PAMP seal, made up of four circles forming the word “PAMP”, adds a touch of elegance.

Below the seal, you'll find the engraving “Suisse”, confirming that this 1 kg gold bar PAMP Suisse originates from Switzerland. On the front of the ingot, you'll find crucial details such as the exact weight, purity, and unique serial number. With an impressive purity of 99.99% pure gold, this 1 kg gold bar PAMP Suisse is an excellent choice for collectors, gold enthusiasts, gift givers seeking something special, or anyone looking to buy gold and value the timeless appeal of gold as a form of savings and presents.

The PAMP Suisse gold bar is one kilogram (or 32.148 ounces) with a purity of 99.99%. It measures 115.50 mm in length and 52.50 mm in width.

Founded in 1977, MKS PAMP has become the global leader in refining precious metals. The PAMP Suisse brand offers superior quality for all precious metal products. PAMP earned its reputation by revolutionizing precious metal bars with their globally renowned Lady Fortuna design. Securing a 1 kg gold bar PAMP Suisse can be an excellent way to build your gold savings and/or diversify.

Maintain your 1 kg gold bar in perfect condition by handling it with cotton gloves and treating your bullion gently. You can also protect it by storing it in a covering made of soft material. This way, your gold bar will stay free from any marks, scratches, or damage, preserving its pristine quality and worth.

The advantages of buying a one kilo gold bar?

If you’re looking to store your gold savings for the long term without planning on selling part of your savings over time, and have a more substantial budget for your gold savings, the 1 kg gold bar PAMP Suisse can be a good choice.

One of the main advantages of buying a one kilo gold bar is its value as an investment. Gold has historically been a reliable store of value and a hedge against inflation. Owning a tangible asset like a gold bar can provide diversification to your investment portfolio.

The larger size of a one kilo gold bar allows for a more substantial investment compared to smaller gold coins or bars.

What is the price of a 1 kg gold bar?

The price of a 1 kg gold bar is calculated by multiplying its gold content by the current gold spot price and then adding the premium.

The price of a 1 kg gold bar PAMP Suisse (as of 23 June 2023) is as follows:

  • €57,628.56 with fees of €27.41 per oz
  • CHF56,311.65 with fees of CHF26.68 per oz ‍
  • $62,649.10 with fees of $29.92 per oz ‍
  • £49,253.48 with fees of £22.75 per oz

Please note that the pricing may vary based on the current market rates and additional fees. It's always recommended to check the most up-to-date gold price before buying.

Why buy a 1 kg gold bar?

Central banks globally hold a portion of their reserves in gold, recognizing its significance and reliability. Its stability and limited availability make it the top choice among precious metals for investors, especially when it comes to diversifying their portfolios.

How to store your 1 kg gold bar?

You can choose to have your 1 kg gold bar PAMP Suisse shipped to you or store it in our secured vaults outside the banking system in Switzerland.

Our secure vaults are fully insured against theft, loss, and damage, also covered by another insurance (known as counter-insurance). All our vaults are inaccessible to the public for security reasons.

GOLD AVENUE's storage services provide you with complete peace of mind. Your PAMP gold will be stored securely in fully allocated and insured storage facilities, independent of the banking system. With zero commission fees for resale and the added convenience of reliable shipping partners for product redemption, you can trust that your gold savings are in safe hands.

Reselling your gold bar

At GOLD AVENUE, you can sell your stored 1 kg gold bar PAMP Suisse anytime with 24/7 access and zero commission fees.

Our Wallet’s performance tool lets you keep track of your product’s value effortlessly. It provides real-time monitoring, assisting you in making informed decisions about when to sell.

What size of gold bar should I buy?

Gold bars come in a wide range of sizes, suitable for different budgets. Whether you have a modest or substantial investment plan, there’s a size that suits you.

For instance, 20 g or 1 oz bars can be a great choice for regular buyers of physical gold. On the other hand, if you prefer larger bars, the 1 kg gold bar PAMP Suisse is the biggest option available.

Smaller bars offer flexibility when it comes to selling a portion of your precious metal savings in the future. For others, buying 100 g gold bars and 1 oz gold bars may be the perfect balance between value and flexibility.

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