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Buy 500 grams Fine gold Cast Bar - PAMP Swiss - Front
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500 gram Gold Bar - PAMP Suisse


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Presentation of the gold bar 500 g pure 999.9 - PAMP Switzerland

Gold has always been regarded as the most valuable of all precious metals, and it continues to be an esteemed investment option. PAMP Suisse, a renowned independent refinery that was founded in Switzerland in 1977, produces this 500 g gold bar (or 16.08 ounces). They currently hold the top position in the market as the leading refiner.

Introducing the exquisite PAMP Suisse, a gold bar with an elegant design featuring the iconic PAMP insignia - four circles, each containing a letter to spell out PAMP.

PAMP Suisse is a prominent market refiner known for producing high-quality products. When it comes to buy gold, their gold bars are especially noteworthy for their superior craftsmanship and timeless design. Each bar is embossed with a unique serial number and comes from their refinery in Switzerland.

This is a beautifully crafted 500 g gold bar (or 16.077 ounces) with an impressive purity of 99.99%. It’s produced by PAMP Suisse, the world’s leading gold manufacturer, making them a top investment choice.

This unique 500 gram fine gold bar PAMP Suisse contains important information such as its gold purity and weight. This elegantly designed gold bar is ideal for individuals who prefer traditional investing methods. It's also perfect for gold enthusiasts and collectors alike.

To keep your precious metals in good condition, taking precautions against fingerprints and scratches is important. One way to do this is by wearing cotton gloves when handling them and storing them in a protective case.

What makes the 500 g gold bar special?

The 500 gram fine gold bar PAMP Suisse is popular among investors with a large sum of money to add to their gold savings. The 500 g gold bar is embossed with a unique serial number and produced by the world-renowned gold manufacturer PAMP Suisse.

The price of a 500 g gold bar

To determine the cost of a 500 g gold bar, you can multiply its gold content by the current gold price.

The price of a 500 gram fine gold bar PAMP Suisse (as of 25 June 2023) is as follows:

- €28,830.86 with fees of €31.91 per oz

- CHF28,162.23 with fees of CHF31.17 per oz

- $31,409.59 with fees of $34.76 per oz

- £24,697.71 with fees of £27.34 per oz

Please note that the pricing may vary based on the current market rates and additional fees. It's always recommended to check the most up-to-date gold price before buying.

Why buy a 500 g gold bar?

If you're looking to store your gold savings for the long term without planning to sell part over time, the 500 gram fine gold bar PAMP Suisse can be a great choice. It comes with a lower cost per gram compared to gold coins. This is because of their lower premium.

If you have a more substantial budget for your gold savings, opting for a 500 gram fine gold bar PAMP Suisse can be a wise choice.

Central banks globally hold a portion of their reserves in gold, recognizing its significance and reliability. Its stability and limited availability make it the top choice among precious metals for investors, especially when it comes to diversifying their portfolios.

Store your gold bars safely

You can have your 500 gram fine gold bar PAMP Suisse shipped to you or store it in our secured vaults outside the banking system in Switzerland.

Our secure vaults are fully insured against theft, loss, and damage, also covered by another insurance (known as counter-insurance). All our vaults are inaccessible to the public for security reasons.

GOLD AVENUE's storage services provide you with complete peace of mind. Your PAMP gold will be stored securely in fully allocated and insured storage facilities, independent of the banking system. With zero commission fees for resale and the added convenience of reliable shipping partners for product redemption, you can trust that your gold savings are in safe hands.

What size gold bar should I buy?

GOLD AVENUE’s stock offers a range of gold bars, catering to various preferences and precious metal savings goals. From smaller 1 gram bars to larger 1 kilogram bars, you can find the perfect fit for your savings strategy.

Whether you're starting small and gradually building your savings or seeking to make significant gold savings, our range of weights allows you to customize your gold holdings depending on your needs.

For instance, 20 g or 1 oz bars can be a great choice for regular buyers of physical gold. On the other hand, if you prefer larger bars, the 1 kg gold bar PAMP Suisse is the biggest option available.

At GOLD AVENUE, you can buy different type gold bars. Here are a selection of our different products:

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