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Monster Box 15x1 kg Silver Bars - PAMP Suisse


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Introducing our VAT-Free Monster Box of 15x1 kg Fine Silver Bars 999.0 – each minted individually in Switzerland by family-run PAMP Suisse.

This exclusive, fine silver ingot collection features 15 silver investment bars minted at the MKS PAMP refinery, the largest independently owned precious metal refinery in the world.

Made entirely from 999.0 pure silver, each 15-kilogram box of silver bullion has been created to be stored safely and securely in our high-security vaults in a Swiss Freeport.

Designed specifically with investors in mind, each 15 kg silver bar is kept under lock and key at the Swiss Freeport making all the silver investment bars remain VAT-free.

This VAT-free promise makes our investment silver (15 kilos) Monster Box one of the best ways to buy silver without paying any additional taxes.

Each VAT-free silver bar in the box offers investors an excellent opportunity to safely and securely save money by holding an investment outside of the traditional banking system.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, this unique collection of 15 individual 1 kg silver bars offers both quality and value.

Crafted by PAMP, each pure silver bar is of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. 

Each 15 kg silver bar in this Monster Box is minted in Pamp silver and bears its unique serial number, guaranteeing its authenticity and ensuring traceability.

Adorned with the iconic PAMP logo, featuring four circles representing each letter of the brand name, these bars are not only valuable but also visually stunning.

Made from 999.0 pure silver, 15 kg silver bar showcase the highest level of purity and are meticulously designed to captivate both collectors and investors.

Seen as a reliable store of value, this Monster Box is an excellent addition to any portfolio without the need to keep an eye on the silver price.

So whether you're looking to diversify your investment portfolio or simply appreciate the beauty and value of precious metals, this VAT-Free Monster Box makes an exceptional choice. 

It's also just one of several VAT-Free silver products available at GOLD AVENUE. 

Plus, if you ever decide to sell your investment, you can do so effortlessly, 24/7, without any commission fees. 

Head this way to buy silver bars individually.

Invest in excellence with the VAT-Free Monster Box 15x1 kg Fine Silver Bars 999.0 - PAMP Suisse. 

Your journey towards building a prosperous investment future starts here.

Presentation of the Monster Box 15x1 kg silver bar

One Monster Box contains 15 individually crafted bullion silver bars. The cast bars total 15 grams together and each has a millesimal fineness of 999.0 silver content. 

These heavy silver bars are minted with the following specifications: a width of 53 mm; a length of 116 mm; and a thickness of 17.5 mm. 

Containing the world’s best-selling silver bars, each large ingot is stamped with a unique identity number and embossed with the Pamp Suisse logo.

The collection of silver bars is stored in a single timeless black-card sleeve. Its gross weight is 15 kg.

The advantages of buying 15 silver bars of 1 kg?

There are several advantages to buying 15 silver bars of 1 kg each. 

Firstly, the 15 kg silver price has a lower cost per gram at GOLD AVENUE than both our silver coins and any standalone large silver ingot.

Without the overheads of government mints, each Monster Box silver asset, 15 kg, that we produce at the MKS PAMP refinery is then available for our customers to buy for less.

Popular among investors, especially those looking to diversify their portfolio, buying larger quantities of silver, such as this collection of 15 kg silver bars, is a great entry point into precious metal ingots. 

Cheaper than buying gold bars, this box of 15000 grams of silver (33 pounds of silver) is also available VAT-free.

Silver is also a good hedge against inflation. As each precious metal ingot in the Monster Box is highly liquid, they can be sold individually. 

This allows investors to convert part of their investment into cash should they need to.

What is the price of 15 kg silver bars?

At GOLD AVENUE, the price of a Monster Box 15x1 kg silver bar is comprised of the metal value and the fees (sometimes called the premium).

If you buy the VAT-free Monster Box, you will not pay any VAT on the 15000g silver bullion set.

The metal value is the silver price (also known as the spot price). This is how much you will pay if you buy the Monster Box immediately.

The silver price is impacted by different factors such as demand and market conditions, so the 15 kg silver bar price will fluctuate throughout the day.

As the most popular commodity available on the precious metals market, the price of a 15,000g silver ingot is generally more volatile than a gold bar.

Always check the 15 kg silver price before you buy or sell. 

GOLD AVENUE will buy back your 15-kilogram silver bullion instantly, 24/7, and without commission.

Our fees are the most competitive on the market and include production and operational costs, as well as our margin.

If you want to know more about the price of a 15 kg silver brick, get in touch with our customer service team.

Why buy a Monster Box 15x1 kg silver bar?

Our exclusive Monster Box 15x1 kg silver bar is a convenient and cost-effective way to invest in silver. 

Bulk purchasing 15 silver bars is a savvy investment. Compared to buying cast bars separately, investors will save money on the premium.

What’s more, with 15 individual bars, you have the flexibility to sell each silver bar individually if needed. 

Investing in the Monster Box is also a great long-term investment as you are buying the most silver possible for the money.

Furthermore, this is VAT-free silver, which means if you store the large 15 kg silver bar with GOLD AVENUE, you don’t pay any additional taxes – even when you sell.

Your 15 kg silver bar is stored in a safe and secure Swiss Freeport, so there is no need to pay additional storage or shipping fees.

Those who buy the Monster Box 15x1 kg silver bar will also enjoy free fully-insured storage for up to £10,000.

In an unpredictable economic landscape, the 15 kg silver price is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio.

It can safeguard your financial future against inflation, currency fluctuations and other market uncertainties. 

Made entirely from 999.0 pure silver and minted at the revered MKS PAMP refinery, your 15000g silver bullion has assured quality and purity.

When you buy the Monster Box 15x1 kg silver bar, you’re not just investing in silver; but you’re buying certainty, convenience, and future financial security.

How to store your Monster Box 15x1 kg silver bar?

This Monster Box 15x1 kg silver bar is part of GOLD AVENUE’s VAT-free silver range.

Our unique solution allows you to buy silver with 0% VAT. 

Stored in special secure vaults in a secure Swiss Freeport, VAT doesn’t apply to this silver bar, 15,000 grams, but this product is for storage only.

Our VAT-free silver is for those looking to invest in the precious metal at the very best price. 

With no VAT and low premiums, our 15 kg silver price is one of the most competitive around.

With 24-hour security and a climate-controlled environment, our high-quality silver bullion is protected against theft, fire, and environmental damage.

This solution ensures the long-term integrity of your investment silver, 15 kilos.

But when you buy VAT-free silver with GOLD AVENUE, we will always store it for you until you are ready to sell. 

Storage is free and any resale is instant – with no commission.

Reselling your silver bars

At GOLD AVENUE, we allow you to resell without commission and charge a 0% fee when you sell back to us.

We will buy your silver ingot, 15,000g, or each individual silver bar at the current market price (also know as the spot price).

Whatever the market value of silver when you sell, GOLD AVENUE will give you the 15 kg silver price – and buy the Monster Box back instantly. 

We then wire the amount to your bank account at your request.

What’s more, you can even set your GOLD AVENUE account up to alert you instantly when the price of silver reaches a certain level.

That way you can resell your silver bars strategically and profitably.

What size of silver bar should I buy?

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