Silver Bars

Silver Bars

Investing in silver bars is easier than you might think. Buying silver is an accessible way to start investing for the first time or a great way to diversify your existing portfolio.









How to invest in silver bars?

With the silver price typically lower than gold, investing in silver bars offers an economical option. To start investing: 

  • Find A Reputable Dealer 

To invest in silver bars, explore precious metals dealers or reputable online platforms like ours. Buying from trustworthy dealers will ensure the authenticity and quality of your investment.

  • Price Check

Research and compare prices before purchasing so you can be sure you're getting a good deal. Then keep on top of market trends once purchased so you know when the best time to sell is. 

  • Keep Your Silver Safe

You need to keep your silver in its original condition, free from blemishes and tarnishing. So, consider storing your silver in a secure location or through a trusted storage service like ours.

From one ounce to one kilogram, our silver bullion bar collection offers a range of weights to suit your preferences. And, if you’re interested in adding more silver to your investment portfolio, consider buying and storing silver bars.

What is the current value of the silver bar? 

Whether you're an investing newbie or a seasoned pro, silver bars can be a good investment option. But to really make the most out of your investment, you need to keep an eye on the market and understand when to buy silver and when to sell (if you deem it necessary).  

Our accurate, up-to-date tracker will keep you updated on the price of silver in real-time, including its current price. It can be influenced by factors like economic trends, world events, and the price of gold.

It’s important to note that it is common for silver, just like any other investment, to experience short-term ups and downs in its value. Silver is usually more volatile than gold, mostly due to the smaller market size and silver’s wide range of industrial applications.

Is the purchase of a silver bar taxed?

In the UK, silver is generally subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) at the standard rate of 20%. However, there are exceptions.

Indeed, some silver bars can join the VAT-free party too if they meet the right criteria. On our platform, we offer a range of VAT-free silver products that are stored in secure Freeports (special economic zones where VAT doesn’t apply).

What are the different types of silver bars?

There are two main types of silver bars: poured (cast) and minted (pressed). Poured bars are cost-effective for larger sizes, while minted bars are efficient for smaller ones.

  • Poured bars are made by melting silver and casting it into a mould, resulting in a rough, matte finish. These types of bars are known as silver ingots.
  • Minted bars are created by stamping silver blanks with intricate designs, such as the famous Lady Fortuna, producing a glossy finish. 

Ingots and bars are labelled with their weight and producer's name for easy identification. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and purity levels. Which type of silver bar you invest in is like choosing toppings for your pizza – it all depends on your taste and investment goals.

Our collection of silver bars includes a selection of different weights and styles. From sleek and modern imprints to classic, engraved beauties, there's a bar for every taste. 

Our range includes PAMP silver bars. MKS PAMP is one of the most respected silver refineries in the world. If you invest in PAMP silver bars, you can be sure your asset is of the highest quality. PAMP silver bars are LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) certified and marked with the weight, grade, purity, and brand mark of the manufacturer.

Explore our silver bars in different weights:

Where to buy silver bars? 

You should only consider buying silver from a reputable and established dealer. So, before buying, look for customer reviews and consider asking other investors you trust for recommendations. A trustworthy dealer, like us, will be open, honest, and committed to ensuring your investment is in safe hands.

Where to check the quality of a silver bar? 

  • Reputable dealers really are your golden (or silver) ticket when it comes to being sure of the quality of your silver. Investing in recognised mints and brands from these dealers will also help you to be sure that you're buying only the highest quality silver. 
  • Next up, you can also get your hands on a trusty silver testing kit. These kits use acid and magnets to give you some reassurance of your silver's realness. If you want to go full CSI, consider an XRF analyzer.

Storing and securing your silver bars

Safeguarding your silver bars is as important as preserving the Mona Lisa. If you want your investment to hold its value, you need to maintain its condition. This might require a little thought and planning before you buy your silver. 

  • Choose a secure location that is shielded from extreme temperatures and moisture. This could be a safe at home or a specialised storage facility. A storage facility, like our Swiss secure vaults, is designed for the storage of precious metals and offers a stress-free and fully insured solution for storing your silver coins or bars.
  • If you choose to store your silver at home, consider keeping your bar in a protective capsule or sleeve to prevent any nicks or scratches while stored.
  • We also recommend regularly checking on your silver bars to ensure they are still gleaming and secure.  

By following these steps, you're not just preserving the visual appeal of your silver, but also maintaining its investment value.